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Millarworld on Comixology is SO frustrating!!


I’m a longtime Mark Millar fan, and I’d like to pick up his Mark’s Millarworld books on Comixology.

However, I’m going to be honest - he’s not doing us any favors here. Format-wise, the titles are wildly inconsistent.

You’d think it’d be a simple thing, being able to buy a reasonably priced digital collection of each of the Millarworld titles. Nope.

Most of the Marvel/Icon Millarworld are available as digital collected editions.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 3 (digital collection available)
The Secret Service

Meanwhile, all of the Image Millarworld titles are readily available as digital collected editions.

Jupiter’s Legacy
Jupiter’s Circle
American Jesus
Wanted (though with the really ugly movie cover)

What’s the holdup in getting the digital collected edition for the Marvel books. I for one would love to buy the collections, but I have no interest in buying the serials. I’ve already bought the Image books, and I’d like to spend some money on the Marvel/Icon books too.


It’s all entirely in Marvels control.


How’s that? Isn’t Icon creator-owned?


They get the license to publish Millarworld books and receive a small fee for doing so.

Comixology itself is a massively variable system with no real logic. If you type my name in looking for my books you have to wade through lots of bad 90s DC or Vampirella comics before you get to Reborn or Empress or even older stuff like Civil War. It def needs to be rethought, but they just have so many books on it.