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Millarworld Mods assemble in Chicago!


Okay, as you know this site doesn’t run itself. And you certainly can’t count on my ass, especially when the most modern device I have on my person is a 2004 Nokia phone. The men and women behind Millarworld are a diverse bunch of geniuses and many of us got together in Chicago at the weekend to spend a few days hanging out and making plans. Some big changes these past few months, but we’ve merely scratched the SURFACE of what’s coming up in the year ahead.

More on that later. In the meantime, here’s lots of pics of us drinking, which we seemed to be doing perilously closed to the rotavirus the Millars were only just getting over a day or two before. Fun fact: Jim O’Hara of this parish has bought an amazingly huge Irish bar in Chicago and we got to not only drink as much as we liked, but also poured our own and even GOT TO SEE HOW PUBS WORKED by hanging around in the cellar and seeing the kegs in action.

It was a genuinely amazing few days. Here’s some pics of what happens when six of us end up in the same city for a few days. This is something we’re going to try to do every year. Jim, Will, Jake, Ron, Patrick and myself all pictured here. A fantastic bunch of people who always have my thanks!!

So here's what I got up to in the States...



Is that a comic shop with a bar in it???



It looks like Mark can pull a good pint of Guinness.


It is genius, but unfortunately they’re two separate locations. Your million dollar idea awaits you.


Thank you @Mark_Millar for flying across the ocean and showing us all a good time. It really was a great weekend spent in wonderful company.

Isotope Comics in San Francisco has a bar inside the comic shop. It’s on my places to visit list.


It’s amazing how easy it is to pull from a tap. Even a Half and Half is simple.


Looks like a grand time was had!

I’m in Chicago the end of July/start of August, which I’m not sure will be amazing as it will be hot.


It looks like a good black Pint of Guinness as the say in Ireland there eating in that pint.


The guy who runs Isotope was a regular here for a long time. Can’t remember his name, of course, but he had a great Dr. Strange outfit!


I remember. James Sime is his name. There’s also a villain in Invincible named Isotope that looks like him. They have a gallery of toilet seat art done by guests. Below is the one the Chief drew when he signed there.