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Millarworld meet-up this weekend in Melrose:


Here’s me in the local Borders papers talking about it:


I am NOT 75! Yet…


Looking forward to this on Saturday. A trip to the pub in a town I’ve never been in sandwiched between a talk by Mr Millar and Mr Quitely. Will I be sober by the time Vin takes the stage ? Probably not!


The perfect plan! I think this is going to be a cracking day!


Dear Mr Millar,

have a good time! I will try to listen in on the radio tomorrow.

Last time I was in Britain respectively Glasgow in nineteen-eighty. A long time ago.

One of these days I will be hitting the road and return to Scotland, promised.



Fantastic day down in Melrose yesterday. Never been before but won’t be my last visit.

Followed by a pint in the pub with the Millarworld crew and then Frank Quitely later in the evening.

A great day out and even getting chucked out one pub for not wearing tweed couldn’t take the shine off it!


Millar is gonna see a whole lot more grey hair before he sees less!