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Millarworld meet-up in New York for SECRET MOVIE THING this week!


Hey guys. I’m visiting New York for the first time for an event this week, but I’ll be going by myself (eeep!).
Mark mentioned that there are quite a few Millarworlders out in NY and it would be great to go for a beer with some of you, as I’m pretty nervous about going to NYC alone! I’ll be there from Thurs-Sun.

Also, apart from the obvious Midtown comics, what are the best places to visit (geeky and otherwise!)


Hi Louise, I tweaked this slightly so it’s more specific and eye-catching for the NY crew. Also, I moved it into the main comic forum where I thought it would be seen more easily.

But as Louise said, she’s coming to New York for a secret movie thing and wanted to team up with some of our peeps when she was in town. Just arranging something informally here!



Thanks Mark!


[quote=“AikiSaul, post:1, topic:9638”]
Mark mentioned that there are quite a few Millarworlders out in NY
[/quote]Well, there’s me…
I’d be happy to meet up with you a buy you a beer, Louise, along with any other MWers who raise their hands.




If this turns out to be a screening of the Donner Cut in going to be mildly miffed.


I live in NYC and am more than down!

Where in the city will you be staying?

Nothing to be nervous about! City is a bit busy, but wonderful, and the people very kind.


Midtown comics is great, but the opposite end of the comic book spectrum is DESERT ISLAND COMICS in Brooklyn, which is one of my favorite shops anywhere. You’ll find all kinds of weird indie comics that you’re not likely to see anywhere else.


I live in Scotland so I’m not used to big cities! I’ll be staying in Times Square area :slight_smile:


Ah, okay. Err…don’t just the city by that. :slight_smile: (it’s fun for a first visit! but also really overwhelming).

I’ll probably be visiting friends out in Hell’s Kitchen, which is right by there, friday/saturday so hopefully we can all arrange something.


(Don’t let Daredevil confuse you, Hell’s Kitchen is extremely bougie)


Haha yeh the comics make it sounds kind of scary!
Awesome :slight_smile: I should know my final plans this afternoon, just waiting on an email to come through!


I think that’s sort of the big disconnect for me and a lot of modern Daredevil stories, especially that try to adapt the Frank Miller stuff. That’s just not the New York I live in.

New York is probably the safest, least ‘edgy’ city in the country, one of the safest big cities in the world. It’s toothless.

A lot of the counter-culturists actually mourn the loss of that edge, that grit, as we get increasingly gentrified.

But you can walk alone almost anywhere in Manhattan at 3 in the morning without fear.


I met Jerry in Dublin and New York, he’s a proper gent Louise and great company.


I live in NYC.

Hope that doesn’t dampen anyone’s spirits :wink:


Awesome! I look forward to meeting you all :blush:
I have no plans except the Friday night so if you’re all free for a beer on Saturday that would be great :smiley: :beers:


I’m free anytime after 5 NYC time.


I will also vouch for @njerry. He was quite kind to my wife and I when we were in town a couple years ago.


OK so I’m now allowed to announce the reason I’m over. Midtown comics selected my All New Wolverine cosplay to attend a red-carpet screening of Logan! I am super excited :smiley:


That is very cool. Congratulations, Louise.