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Millarworld is featured on The Chive! #KCCO


Scroll down to #12 - I’m holding a very familiar comic…

Edit: link may not be safe for work.

Keep Calm, Chive On :wink:



MPH #5 only adds to the glamour of that thread!!!




Nice celfie. Whole thread seems like something that would upset themarysue - love that we get both sides of this ongoing argument among female fans


Might be worth putting a NSFW warning on that link!

What is “the chive”? (I realise I may sound woefully out-of-touch asking that question.)


If I fail Law School because of that link, I’m sueing… somehow… (?)


Do it! The Chive’s lawyers are Franklin and Bash, so you’d get to be on TV! (If the show was real. And wasn’t cancelled).


Yay! I’d get to speak in court and stuff:

“Mr Your Honour, Hello, the Chive is sexy and distract-y and I would like money please. I rest my case.”


I’d vote for you if i was on the Jury.
I see you as a young Alan Shore.



‘The Chive’ is a men’s website for guys who like to have fun, enjoy life and don’t get offended by silly nonsense.

‘The Mary Sue’ is basically the opposite of that.


Whoops! Sorry. Yeah, that post was 50% t-shirt pics, like mine, and 50% butts and gratuitous underboob.

I guess most offices frown upon underboob.

Which is sad, because it’s the best part of the boob.




Definitely the sweatiest part


Very nice!


That might well depend on the boob, would it not?