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Millarworld got talent...


What is your unique talent?

Can you sing?

Can you play an instrument?

What is your talent?

Personally, I can solve Rubik’s Cube in good time.



I can name the Seven Dwarfs in alphabetical order.

Oh, wait; did you mean useful talents?


I can create Languages and compose Music


I’m Batman.


I’m an excellent pianist.
I’m damn good at Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon.
I can blink my eyes independently of each other.


Just kidding.
I’m an average pianist.


I have the power to make people sexier, smarter, funnier and a little bit invincible.

But it’s temporary.


You’re a barman?


I can tell the difference between butter and I can’t believe it’s not butter


Drawing, writing, coloring, lettering etc


I know that, and I still don’t believe it!


I can do that pen twiddling thing that Boris does in Goldeneye, without having to use my thumbs.


Ah, but are you invwincible too?


My unique talent is sexual in nature so I cannot go into detail here. PM me and I will send photos/diagrams.


Dammit, Lucien! You already cashed the checks!


All evidence gathered so far suggests yes.


Who do you think you are, Chuck Norris?


Barman, Batman.
Batman, Barman.

A Barman can be Batman’s batman, but Batman cannot be Barman’s batman because Batman!


I can cook a mean steak.

And make stuff like this.


I’m really good at sex…

err… sexagenarian care… you know, elderly nursing…

I’m really good at it. I mean, I’ve never done it but I know id be great.

phew! Fooled them again, Tim, you genius … they’ll never know you were about to say sextet vocal ensembles… your secret choir life remains undiscovered



Been there, done that, and in fifteen minutes you’d be a quivering bowl of puking jello muttering “the wrinkles! all the wrinkles!

Seen it. It ain’t purdy.