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Millarworld Front Page


I know a lot of the Millarworld regulars are probably like me and in the habit of skipping the front page and going directly to the forum. I would like to encourage you to start checking it out. We are starting to build a hub for pop culture news and will be aggregating content in comics, film, TV and video games from across the web along with some home grown content. You’ll find a lot of stories that we are discussing here on the forum. You can link to the front page by clicking the “” link in the top left hand corner of the forum or clicking here. We’re excited about what we’re building here. Thank you.


Good changes… I suggested something in that vein so definetly approve… =)

Still wish that when I clicked on one of those stories I’d have either more content or get automatically re-directed to the source site.

Oh and a font change would be good too… it’s a bit difficult to read that thin bolded font… something more eye friendly would be nice.

Other than that, it’s definetly going in the right direction, so kuddos!


That’s for the feedback. I’ll consider it when I’m putting up material. Right now we’re going for a bit of an aggregation feel that redirects to other sites. I’ll try to put a bit more meat on the posts in the future.


Wait – there’s a front page?

Someone shoulda told me about this.


I just did. :wink:


Point taken.