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Millarworld fan-art & cosplay winners!


As our regulars know, we run the very best fan-art and cosplay pics posted here in the forums in the back of the Millarworld books. These are this month’s winners and they’ll be appearing in print in the back of all the July titles. LOVE THEM!



Brill. Thanks, Jim. Some amazing fan-art this month. That Colin Firth shot is terrific!



You and Blake did an awesome work, and the July’s Millarworld chat’s are awesome too!!!


I love this. Publishing - actual real live publishing - of both fan art and cosplay is brilliant. It brings “fans” and “creators” together in a new way to form a connection that is greater than the sum of its parts! This has been a trait of MillarWorld from the beginning, one noted and appreciated by both long-timers (go ahead, call us “lifers”! :smile: ) and folks who just arrived but seem like they’ve been here forever.


@Andy - Look! You made it!


Millarworld comics have more talent on the last two pages than some other comics have in an entire issue :slight_smile:


That is so incredibly cool! I started out just wanting to make a Halloween costume for my daughter that wasn’t off-the-rack but got a little carried away after our 1st fan film. :wink: Thanks for including us! :thumbsup:


Congratulations @Andy.


Thanks, this was our other submission taken at 2am without much light.

When we went to bed I forgot to remove the arm from the dumpster, so the next day the graffiti and body part were facing the road near our for sale sign, not the best way to market the property. :wink:


Well, now - that all depends on what the buyer is looking for, isn’t it? You could get top dollar from the Munsters or The Addamses or perhaps some Chicago politicians!



hope this is ok to ask, looks like my Chrononaut cosplay didn’t make the cut, is it ok to re-submit pictures for a future month? cheers


Man, I know this greedy of me but what is it gonna take to get a full page spread in one of the comics? lol
Although, on a positive note, how many people can say they’ve appeared in three different Millar books? Love all this :smile: