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Millarworld Expansion

Is it possible to have long-time collaborators like Grant Morrison work on Millarworld titles at some point? Expanding the brands or universes. Seems like this would be a good idea with creative teams hand picked by MM. Any thoughts?

I’m not sure whether Grant Morrison specifically is likely but there are already Millarworld books by different writers. A new Kingsman series by Rob Williams and Simon Fraser is out at the moment and a new Hit-Girl series with Daniel Way writing (after an initial arc by MM) and with art by Rafael Albuquerque has been announced but not solicited yet.


Simon Fraser. Daniel is his evil twin brother they prefer not to talk about. :smile:


Ah bollocks, I had Daniel Way on my mind. :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting for the Cheif to give me a call!!!

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I didn’t know about The Kingsman book or That Daniel Way is taking over Hitgirl. Thanks for the heads up! Has MM said anything about if it or any other projects will release this year?