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Millarworld Drink-Up at Glasgow Film Festival


What a cracking night last night.

The Two Phillipes and their producer Joe, all from Paris, made the most amazing documentary covering Marvel’s 1996 bankruptcy collapse and subsequent rise, featuring lots of great talking heads with the inside scoop on Marvel’s most dramatic story ever. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough and would urge you to see if it you can. It’s called Marvel Renaissance and I think they’re going to get a Kick-Starter going to get the whole thing in DVD.

Millarworld drink-up in CCA after. We planned to hit another pub, but by the time I came downstairs everyone was embedded with lots of drinks in front of them. Most of our local gang here, pictured below. Brilliant to see everyone, especially our pals from afar.

Clockwise from Left to Right: Cindy, New Zealander Mark Irwin (one of the Millarworld Annual New Talent Winners), film-makers Joe, Phillipe and Phillipe, big Tyler Collins, young John McPhail (just watching their movie right now, by the way), Millarworld editor Rachael, Nicola, Lucy, yours truly, Emma from Millarworld, my drinking bud Big James, Martin, Millarworld’s Louise and Claire, Helen, Nicolette and Joe.


If this goes on kickstarter I’ll definitely be backing it.


Great to meet everyone last night and agreed Mark what an amazing documentary. I already had a fair idea what has happened due to “the untold tales of marvel comics” by Sean Howe . But the energy and editing of this doco made it feel like an Arron Sorkin scripted film!

The phillipes were great guys as well. It’s a shame that the media outlets are so afraid of offending the mouse (or more appropriately Ike!) that more eyes can’t get a look at this amazing peice of work.


Great night out and great documentary :smiley: Hopefully they will manage to get it to a few more festivals. We ended up going for more drinks at a near by bar after the CCA closed! Bumped into John on the way to the next pub too as no-one told him we didn’t make it to the Atholl!


Nobody has his number. I couldn’t believe it. We dropped him an email, but not sure if he was checking. I love John. Met him when he opened AKA when I was 13!!



It was a great night. I too have known John since I was about 10. He’s a great guy.



I got his number today to avoid pub confusion in future! :slightly_smiling:

PS Welcome to the board, N!


Sounds like a documentary I need to see (having been on the periphery). What a lovely drink-up night! Editors actually out in the light! Who would ever have guessed?


‘Young John McPhail’ he may be a wee lad but he’s no that young! lol