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Millarworld Dream Crossovers


When Mister Millar had mentioned that someone suggested a Hit-Girl/Kingsman crossover on the social medias, he followed up by saying the idea “Wasn’t that crazy.”

With 2015 ushering in a new, more cohesive Millarworld universe, could some of these dream scenarios become a reality?

I’d actually like to see a Nemesis/Kingsman crossover!

– A disciple of Nemesis - a crazed copycat killer who wants to follow in his footsteps - is tearing his way through London. The Kingsmen are tasked with taking him down when the local PD have exhausted their resources.


A Supercrooks/Jupiter’s Legacy crossover is inevitable, right?


Yeah I was actually dreaming up a Kingsman and Hit-Girl crossover to stop Nemesis.


Chrononauts meet the characters of Jupiter’s Circle!


Wait, this isn’t the thread where we talk about invading other board member’s dreams?


Wanted: Wesley Gibson vs The Multiverse


@James one of the parts of my dream last night was explaining social media to my dad, another was deciding between a truck of some kind and a Mustang (car) as a getaway vehicle.





I always thought of The Secret Service as a “good guy” version of Wanted.

So, Wesley Gibson vs. Gary London just seems like a natural fit. They both started out nobodies who discovered they were really good at being somebodies. Banter, fights, and it could be a fun rivalry overall.


Well I can’t wait for Superior to appear in Jupiter’s Legacy. You gotta love those Superman analogues.