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Millarworld Collected Universe


What are the chances we will see a Millarworld consistent universe? Like even with other writers writing stories and comics. Multi-issuss per month a la DC or Marvel? You could do it. Could even use Millarworld Talent Scout Submission winners or I’m SURE other Huge creators would love to join because you are the modern Stan Lee!


Dear Joshlong, dear friends,

the concept of a consistent universe imploded twenty years ago and is a thing of the past.

Mr Millar is too clever to fall into that trap.



You know Millar puts in subtle links and nods to other books across his various books, right?


Hit Girl is being written by another writer and drawn by another artist (Mark and JRJR are working on the relaunch of Kick Ass).

The thing to remember is that each franchise has different owners (as each artist owns half the property) so it’s not easy to merge the books together.


The subtle links and easter eggs are enough. A MW universe and being beholden to continuity would only hold the imagination back in my opinion.

We’re seeing a Kick Ass/Hit Girl expansion in that corner which is good but as Jim said it’s an important part of creator owned comics that they are joint enterprises. In that setup an editor/writer can’t dictate what happens in the same way corporate entities can.


Other than a “kick-ass” licence plate in Superior. I haven’t really seen many. Can you give some examples?


Off the top of my head there’s Hit-Girl reading Jupiter’s Legacy comic, I think.

There’s a load of others that others will post.


Well yeah so let’s say kick ass becomes the Millarverse. Other writers, writing characters (villains or heroes) in that universe. Millar has the grand scope of it and these lesser writers fill in the gaps. I wasn’t saying to combine all his character.


He must have planned ahead hit girl came way before Jupiter’s Legacy


The first Hit Girls stories came out long before JL, not the later ones.




Ah, took a bit of finding but Mark’s statement about all this in August 2014 is still online:

Okay, here we go. I’ve waited literally YEARS so I could tell you this.

Now Kick-Ass wraps today and explains it all. Basically, the books fit into each other as so…

WANTED explains how the world used to have superheroes, but in 1986 they were all defeated and the bad guys made us magically forget the heroes ever existed in the first place. We remember the heroes simply as pop-culture characters, that red cape hanging up in the Professor’s lair at the end of Wanted #2 belonging to…

The Utopian from JUPITER’S LEGACY. Jup’s Leg is a series of movies and comics that exist in the real world and which Superman and all the Superman imitators over the years have been an attempt to remember. But the Utopian is the one who actually existed, though he now only exists as a comic-book and (COMING SOON as it says on the boards) movie character.

KICK-ASS is about a kid who lives in this world without heroes, but who loves them so much that he BECOMES one. The bad guys rule the Earth, posing as billionaires and world leaders, but Dave still loves and believes in heroes. He’s the tipping point. He’s the beginning of the next generation of these guys and as we saw in the closing pages of Kick-Ass 3 #8 the SUPER-POWERED characters who replace him are starting to appear. A kind of superhero Darwinism, probability increasing the chances of more superheroes exponentially with every one that appears. The first of these is…

NEMESIS who is referred to here in the closing pages as the cop killer in Japan.

MPH who are referred to here as the four kids breaking the sound barrier on foot

And finally SUPERIOR. Simon, the kid with MS who stars in the book, can be seen leaving the theatre near the end of this issue, Dave holding the door open for he and his friend, essentially passing the hero baton along for him to pick up and then we pull back to see the opening scene in Superior where Simon and Chris are exiting Superior 5. Superior is another character who will appear in JUPITER’S LEGACY at some point as this is the magical world where he’s summoned from in the story and…

SUPERCROOKS takes place in this world too, hence the two posters on the cinema wall.

All the other books tie together too but there’s a LOT more too this and a big plan I’ve had in mind for a few years. This is everything all nicely set up, but what’s also nice is that you don’t need to read all the books to understand. THAT SAID, reading them all will only make you appreciate the big picture all the more.


Holy fuckin shit balls!!!


Can’t wait for it to come together even more!!! Holy shit!!!


Thank you buddy! This made my day!!!


Raphael Albuquerque is drawing Hitgirl


Is there more info on this?


Not unless Mark wants to supply it!


I called it. Hitgirl with Kevin Smith and Lim Jung Gi