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Millarworld Character Fan Art


Hi everybody.
I am reposting my Jupiter’s Legacy fan art (lost in the MW reboot).
My design echoes the cover of issue two, but also acknowledges the potential fate of Uncle Walter.

Obviously this is only guess work on my part at this time.

I look forward to seeing more Millarworld Character fan art.

Thank you for your time.


Hi resolution link:

Facebook page:


Looks great! For those just joining, I devote a few pages at the back of every Millarworld book to showcase fan art and Millarworld cosplay.

Recent books are preferred for sketches. That’s Chrononauts, Jupiter’s Legacy and Circle, Starlight, MPH and Kick-Ass 3!



Thank you for the kind words Mark.

The forum and beyond is full of great Millarworld fan art.
I look forward to seeing what is posted next.



I posted this here a few months ago before the forum changed over.

I suppose I could have fixed some of the minor problems with it, but I’m just too lazy today.


I’m not sure what you think the problems are because it looks pretty good to me.


Great work, Steven.


I agree.




Mark Millar has created some unforgettable characters in his Millarworld universe. Maybe one day we see some of these characters join each other in a Avengers style crossover.


My favorite comic artist was Mike Western only know his work in Battle Picture Weekly but he had a long life in comic, wonder what he have though about digital comic art. Still find amazing when i come across some of this work in 60’s 70’s comics.


Great idea. Very good MM likeness.
It reminds me of the old Marvel Comic creator and character illustrations.

Nice work.


I love that rich some time flat colour of them old comic more so the UK but also USA. Also I love to see Millarworld character meet each other not that they work together just that their path cross.


Hi, fan-artists fellows! Just wanted to contribute with a new piece I´ve finished recently. What can I say? I love Chloe :smile:


Fantastic concept. Now I want to read the magazine :smile:


XD Thank you David! Yeah, this one looks really interesting! :smile:


Loved Huck so much - had to join forum!
Here is some of my Hit Girl fanart!
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Some nice stuff on your Tumblr page. Welcome to the boards!


Here is my HUCK!
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