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Millarworld Book Club: The Authority (Vol. 2) #20


Dind´t even know we were doing this!
Like Tom up here, i´ll guess i´ll say something one the arc is finished.


The Authority #16: The Nativity (Part Four of Four)
is now open!


In #16 all the Authority members have their moments whether it is Appollo and Midnighter getting even with that Fighting American, the Doctor turning some of their spines into jeans, some of the enemy being abandoned into another parallel world, and even Krigstein giving up and joining the good guys.


There is no such thing as a small panel. Even in this payoff issue a “quiet moment” is just the set-up for the Boffo Punch-Out. Every face we wanted to punch the last three issues gets punched. Rather in extremis. The smug Commander certainly got it in the end, didn’t he? As we go by we see all sorts of costumed foes, each meeting their demise. Meanwhile, at various sites, folks are commenting on everything from keeping pets to universal Armageddon, in pretty much a calm manner. This is the tone Mark has set, and each voice manages to reflect each character. Sometimes we, the readers, need a bit of location information, but this is not pounded into us with captions and footnotes. We go panel to panel following the flow defined by St. Frank, who no doubt lost brain cells and hair trying to work out all the characters and cinematography. His stuff is so creative we look back and forget there was nothing like this, nothing breaking trail, as it were. There is a political stance throughout that is perceived as just another bunch of bullies taking power; teaching the lesson that we must choose the bullies in power with any indication of wisdom. There was the reference to “Governor” George W. Bush, meaning while the writing, themes and thought behind it were prescient (one of my very favorite qualities of Mr. Millar); they did not go anywhere near far enough.

The world today is a rather epic mess. If there was a time for an alien or supervillain invasion, this is it. We can no longer just throw concepts at the world; they are mauled and twisted out of shape and thrown back at us. Now we are in the “war of concepts” Mark and Frank brought us via The Authority. Mark cannot break from it, his heroes, no matter how rough or violent, have a moral core. His villains, almost always, are narcissistic power-seekers. That theme is more valid now than then. This is the war we fight.

And ya just can’t beat the art with a stick!


This first arc is only eclipsed by The Ultimates in my estimation as anything that Mark has done in terms of a blockbuster action comic. From the first line it really lets you know that it’s not going to let up. Bret Easton Ellis had the entire first chapter of his novel Lunar Park dedicated solely to the importance of having a parsed down and basic line to start something off. So, when you have a line about why superheroes never go after the “real bastards”, then that’s something you have to deliver on.

And it does, in spades. Issue one? A complete take down on socio-political structures and pop culture. What I might have found grating in Nemesis, and campy in Kick-Ass, is really charming here. It’s bold, brash, and it’s all about making the impact in the moment. Jack’s clapback to the President, hell - everyone’s clapbacks to everything, are so on the nose and so raw that it immediately sets the tone of a series that doesn’t care of the sensibilities. It’s going to make its own way and the reader better strap in for the ride.

The next three don’t let up in this regard. The entire plot is centered around keeping a baby safe and that only really helps to emphasize and underline the utter insanity that is going on. Evil, degenerate, and disgusting, Avengers - and the Authority itself handles them with aplomb. It really helps to give them something so face-front to bounce off of first thing. Midnighter is just a delight and every line Kriegstein’s team gives is just over-the-top snark fodder that melds excellently. Quitely’s art gives these three issues the exact amount of energy and pace that keeps these backs and forths with the comedic beats - and action - all in balance.

@Miqque is right, there’s no wasted panels. It’s just a really great opening arc and one that is enjoyable on multiple levels.


Those who saw this week’s Supergirl raise their paws! Supergirl is doing a very definite thing of becoming a different kind of hero, one that saves even villains. How similar is this to Swift’s solution to the Kreigstein problem?

I miss Albion.


The Authority #17: Earth Inferno (Part One of Four)
is now up for discussion!


The one thing I remember from this issue was being PISSED that the interior was not drawn by Quitely.


True. But I also remember it being the beginning of me appreciating Chris Weston.


Jeroen on heroin…


It was my first introduction to Weston, and I think he was a good pick to follow from Quitely.
This whole run needed more of Quitely, but the batons were dispatched nicely.


The Authority #18: Earth Inferno (Part Two of Four)
is now open!


I love the colors on that cover.


I will save my comments for the end of the arc as these are set up issues.


The Authority # 19: Earth Inferno (Part Three of Four)
is now open!


The former Doctor being interrogated by Midnighter… Authority meeting their alternate selves… evacuating the Earth… “I want to be the Doctor again”… “You have one hour. Do your worst!”


“I remain unimpressed.”

I still use that line, to this day.


Sorry for the lateness…things have been strange.

The Authority #20: Earth Inferno (Part Four of Four) is now open!


I liked the issue where the team had its moments against the evil Doctor.

Didn’t like what he did to the Engineer though, that was a little too much even for a mature comic.

Instead of a widescreen spectacle ending to take down the villain, the evil Doctor notices a mood change and asks Jeroen what happened to his answer:

That’s because your sense have finally caught up with what it means to be completely enlightened for the first time in your miserable life, Doctor. I was the ultimate shaman, remember? The sum of every Doctor who had ever come before me; including you. Kind of hard to stay mad at the world when you empathize with every living creature in existence, isn’t it?
– Jeroen Thornedike, after the Renegade Doctor was overwhelmed with the sense of empathy.

The Engineer then kicks him off.

Seeing the Engineer and Jeroen in bed was a little surprising but then again it is supposed to be a mature comic.


And time for the start of the epic…

The Authority #22: Brave New World (Part One of Four)
is now open!

Also I can no longer edit the heading.