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Millarworld book club: Planetary issue 26 - The end!


Any recommendations for buying options for this? I quite liked getting that omnibus edition of Planetary.


The easiest way to get hold of it is the recent HC/TPB that collects all the Millar material.



Did it come out in paperback yet?
Edit: saw your edit


Can I counter propose Kick Ass? Given the imminent arrival of V2.0 it seems like a natural. Just a thought.


So when do we start?


Are we done with Planetary?
If so, then I guess I can start this…on the New Year?

It falls on a Monday. Seems like a clean start.


Alright, like I said (and which no one really objected to), let’s start on The Authority.
Discussions will be open for a week so if anyone doesn’t have it ready there’s plenty of time, and first up is:

The Authority #13: “The Nativity: Part One of Four”


Do you want to do this as a separate thread?