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Millarworld book club: Planetary issue 26 - The end!


The length between discussions should be more strict. Like 5 days at best.

I think American Jesus is a bit too short. I’d be into Ultimates or even Superior.


I vote for very popular short books like the original DKR and Kingdom Come…

Short books would take about a month to complete and you can get in about 12-13 books in a year and EVERYONE can get into discussing them.


I enjoyed the discussions we had with Watchmen and the discussions that Planetary has generated. I think we got more from Watchmen as so many people already own a copy and could dip in and out more easily.
I think a longer more popular title might be a good option but tend to agree with @alx that things like DKR, Killing Joke, Punk Rock Jesus might be the best option moving on.


How about the Legion of Super-Heroes? It’s pretty short, probably only around 600 issues of the main title(s) if we skip all the members’ solo books.

(Only kidding…I mean, how could we possibly skip the solo books :stuck_out_tongue: )

The suggestion was a Millar book because it’s his forum, and I think that’s fair. I wanted to do a Jupiter’s Legacy re-read before starting the volume 2 trade, so I might even join in if we did that one.

The problem being, Millar’s books get discussed a lot in their own threads when they come out anyway, so I’m not sure how much more people would have to say.


Batman crossover people…

Jakita’s crush on him.

The different versions of him (including Adam West) as things shift.

The ending…




The Analysis section is an interesting take I don’t know if I agree with all of it:


By the end of the run, I hated Planetary.
The issues coming out years apart killed any momentum it needed.
I hated the way Snow just brushed off the 4 and was so annoyed with it I never reread it.
Now thanks to this thread I’ve reread it a bunch of times and I have to say I love it, I love the way the 4 were never the threat Snow feared.

It’s a classic run.


Pseudo-Darkseid’s annoyed hand crushing the recording device never fails to elicit a laugh.


The final issue was a great fullstop for the series.

The way Snow is so driven to use a piece of tech that could fundamentally end everything just to save Ambrose shows how much he means to him.

I enjoyed seeing all the different incarnations of Planetary appearing to watch the event and that final reveal/joke to close everythibg out was great too.

I found the justice league cross-over to be a strange beast. The idea that in an infinite number of realities there would be one in which Planetary are like the four and utterly in control of the world, a world in which heroes exist certainly makes sense. Tonally however it is so different that, to me, it comes across as laboured.

The Batman issue however was a lot of fun and more in keeping with the overall story. Planetary investigating something that fits their usual, unusual, remit. Part of me would like to see a further investigation of Black’s character and his unusual power, particularly the struggle as he tries to control his power. It was great seeing the different Batmen and the adopting of each art style that goes with them is fantastic.
As a non-DC reader, are all of these Batmen from existing stories or are some of the latter ones creations for the sake of the narrative?


The last one is an Ellis/Cassaday original, I think.

From memory, all the others reference existing versions. I haven’t got the book in front of me right now but I know that 60s TV Show Batman is in there, along with DKR Batman and a very early Batman (with purple gloves and a gun) from when the character was starting out in Detective Comics.

I think there might be a Neal Adams or Jim Aparo or Marshall Rogers version in there too, my memory is a bit hazy.


Definitely the Marshall Rogers, Dave.


What will be the next book?


I’ll be up to leading it, whatever it is.
Maybe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?


Definitely a Millar book next. Disrespectful otherwise. Not Jupiter’s Legacy either, too recent.

Christmas coming, always interferes with stuff, but others have time.
So my sugestion is Millar’s Authority run.
Whoever has time can read the Ellis /Hitch run before.
Do the Ellis/Hitch run 3 issues per week (4 weeks).

Sunday January 7th starts the Millar run (the real fresh start to the year).
Who runs the thread picks the pace (every 5 days is 6 issues a month, but just a suggestion).

After figuring out if Millar stuff is every 2nd, or 3rd turn, then:
Kingdom Come, Golden Age, LoEG.
Side thing is like From Hell. You’ve got a year (no thread) and then next December to talk.

Oh, so I did purchase the Planetary Omnibus, screwed up getting to it that first week of August, and just figured I missed the boat.
Put if off to X-mas*
Dammit, wish I tried harder and didn’t give up trying to catch you guys.
Work (with overtime) and Life got in the way.

  • Dec. 23rd 2017 - Jan. 7th 2018
    I say a lot of bullshit every year about my beloved two weeks off (that I couldn’t live without). Car, storage locker, 2nd bedroom, overall organization, mixed in with movies/TV, comic re-reads (and re-organization).
    But this is the year, dammit. Everything is getting done, plus World Peace…


I prefer Millar’s Authority. So I cast my vote there.


Yeah. Millar´s Authorirty seems like a good choice.


@DaveWallace, @Lorcan_Nagle; opinions/options, and who else do we need to hear from?
Millar’s Authority run?


I don’t have a copy of Millar’s Authority at the moment (I’ll be grabbing the Absolute reprint next year) but go ahead, it sounds like a good choice.


Millar’s Authority.

Nuff said…