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Millarworld book club: Planetary issue 26 - The end!


Yeah, go ahead with Planetary. Like I said, maybe go Millar next time. Red Son or 1985 maybe as they have lots of hidden layers in them.


I have never read it.


Stephen King will be upset.



I may join in on this one. Planetary’s a lot less labor-intensive than Watchmen.


I guess I will be the first to dip my toe in then.

Planatery #1: or, Subtlety Is For Other People

Don’t take the sarcastic subtitle I’ve added to be mean-spirited, the first issue is honestly one of my top 5 favorite issues of the series. As many of you might know, I have a large amount of enthusiasm for pulp and the camp/earnest affectations of that era of fiction. The three main characters are introduced in summary fashion, but they don’t hold my attention at all. It honestly took me a while to care about them, and even then not very much. That’s probably the biggest weakness of the series.

But the designs of the various pulp analogues, and the names and dates used, were simply amazing. You can’t have something like “The Murder Colonels” being mentioned and not expect me to get the biggest grin. From the outset you get Ellis’s biggest advantage with taking on this series - being able to make things feel authentic in such an inauthentic way. Kind of like Moore.


OK, good idea. Jupiter’s Legacy/Circle maybe another possibility, as there are lots of little connections and some historical material in there.


Jupiter’s Legacy and Circle are a tad decompressed, honestly. Unless you want to do 2 issues a week or something.


OK, well, we can maybe decide later.


So this isn’t really Millar verse, but what about something like Superman Red Son?


I’m hoping Jupiters Circle Vol 2, #5 is out within the next year! When I saw Vin a couple of weeks ago the pages looked amazing.

I like the idea of Red Son, and I like 1985 as it’s a hidden gem. Shorter stories might help the book club too. Anyway, we should probably move back to Planetary now and focus on it for the remainder of the thread.


Never read Planetary, never heard of it actually. I just ordered the first TP on Amazon, however. Hopefully it follows the same/similar chronology as the Omnibus. But there also seems to be separate a collection of the one shots, just in case.


That sounds suspiciously Ellis-y, and it is indeed a great subtitle. :smiley:


Anyone got a good line on the omnibus at a decent price. I’ve read issue one on Comixology and want to read the rest, I also really want to be involved in the discussion again.


Best price I can find is £41.10


Best I can see is £37.75 from Speedyhen’s ebay shop.


Let’s hear it for John Layman! The once Mighty Layman also has his last issue of Chew coming out. Somehow he managed to keep this thing rolling!


That came out months ago


Apologies! I meant the trade, out this week.


Planetary is the greatest comic series in the history of the medium. Possibly the greatest work in any human endeavour, short of putting wheels on a flaming pyramid while making toast, so discussing it is probably pointless…

Yes, I’m a fan. Why do you ask?


I need video of this.


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