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Millarworld art exhibition in Glasgow - July 2nd- Mid-August!


As I might have mentioned, the Art of Millarworld is a big exhibition at the Glasgow Print Studio. It opens next Thursday night and you can get directions and details here…

I’m going to spin by around 7pm and Mister Quitely and others will be there too. There’s posters and prints for sale plus original art and massive prints from the likes of Sean Gordon Murphy, Dave Gibbons, Leinil Yu, Johnny Romita and all your Millarworld favourites.

It’s going to be pretty amazing so don’t miss it.

Lotsa love,

PS Here’s Mister Quitely checking out some of the colours for his pieces going up…


Sounds awesome. Going to clear my calendar for next week! :slight_smile:


If only this was the week after. I’d have been on holiday then. Ah well, maybe next time.


Damn. Wish I could be in Scotland next week.


Not gonna be able to make it on 2nd :disappointed: but off in August so know where I’ll be heading :grinning:


Can’t wait for it this is going to be awesome


It’s on for a month or slightly more I think!!



Excellent. I might see if I can convince the wife to take a day trip to Glasgow.


I’m putting it into googlemaps to see how far the drive is…damn!


They haven’t built that bridge yet. :wink:


The Transatlantic Tunnel isn’t due to be complete until 2026.

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Do you need to book tickets for the opening? Also if any one is around Glasgow that evening. My friends are launch the final issue of there great creator owned comic at forbidden planet.
Just encase people wanted a full comic night.


Now I need to travel internationally, and I’m lucky if I make it to the store!

This is amazing! I’ve long known in my heart that “comic book art” is ART! Throw all the Lichtenstein and Warhol and such in the public eye, it still is not worth (IMNSHO) one panel from All-Star Superman, Planetary, Watchmen, Chrononauts (Sean Gordon done went and blasted all his earlier work to smithereens with that gorgeousness), Judge Dredd or the kabillion other masterpieces disguised as fodder for us unwashed masses.

Take the show on the road! Or, at least, how about some amazing video? I’d love to hear FQ, in particular, chatting about an art exhibition. I’ve heard from all the snobby art critics, now I’m more than ready to hear from the artists whose work I truly love!


I would eventually like to own at least one piece of original comic art. I’ve seen it at shows and it’s really hard to beat. It’s amazing that we get these amazing artists in comics and especially Millarworld. We really are spoiled.


Great exhibit. Was tempted to purchase some art work but in the end I settled for the Millarworld book :slight_smile:


i’m glad I caught it before it closed!
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