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Millarworld Art Exhibition in Glasgow for 2 months!


The opening night last night was unreal. So much fun. We had a couple of hundred guests and I was genuinely blown away by these 20 foot Frank Quitely blow ups. You can read all here but if you live anywhere near Scotland in any way you need to visit this between now and the end of August. An amazing venue too!



Sound great!


Sounds awesome, really gonna try and get there!


The article says there are pieces from a series called Rocket Man. Is that a typo? Do they mean Starlight or something else?


Shall give it a visit at the end of the month methinks


No, after the Mick Hucknall biography MM is going to be tackling Elton John.


I hate to post a link that spoils the best part of a film but it’s the only proper response this time.


That is far from the best part of that film. :slight_smile:


I had the joy of attending the Exhibition this weekend and it’s fantastic! So damn gorgeous that I’m planning on taking friends later in the month to show them how awesome the art of Millarworld truly is. If any of you get the chance to come to Glasgow and see this I implore you to grab it with both hands you won’t regret it my friends.