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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!


Existing forum members might want to enter themselves under an assumed name, but at the end of the day I don’t think it’s necessary. Scripts will be selected based on the writing, we’ll probably not even look at the authors name when reviewing entries.

Lots of folks asking about some parameters for being a professional. We can’t answer for every circumstance but I think some self judgement might be sufficient - you know if you’re a professional comic book writer or not. This is intended for new talent trying to break in, but that can include folks who’ve maybe had a couple of short stories in print here and there for small press.


can i enter my self as Fanny Delite?! :smiley:


I imagine the judging panel will be revealed when the full entry details are revealed next week.


To Artists: This is the thread for writers. Please post your submissions in the Artist Submission Thread.


Surely the proposed writings won’t be posted out in the open as the artist samples are? Will there be an actual submission upload?

Thank you.


The details on how exactly to pitch the writers’ portion will be released next week. The paperwork that will need to be signed is currently being drafted.

From Mark’s post above:


Alright, I’m 17 and turn 18 next year and I really wanna do this. I honestly don’t want to let a year get in between me and my dreams so may I still submit please? I have some excellent story ideas that’s bound to sell. I honestly don’t even have to get paid I just really love writing.


Mark says in his opening post that he hopes to make this an annual event, so even if it’s not possible to enter this time then there’s always next year.


So next week is when we can submit? Will their be an address of some sort to submit too?


Thank you.


If I understand this correctly, we are submitting original ideas for stories based on your characters. This other website stated that participants were suppose to submit writing samples.
And it also read that the deadline is Oct. 30th. What’s the official due date–Oct. 30th, or Nov. 30th?

Thank you.


Where is the Submission Slip to print and sign?


Okay. You asked,

I assume there is no age cap on this , opportunity?

I promise to not re-work the “Kick” story!!!

I’d say I’d take a stab at Hit-Girl, but that would just get me eviscerated! :pouting_cat:


Please read the opening post carefully.

We’re preparing a submission guideline here as, like Marvel and DC, you need to sign a document to send in with your ideas and we’ll have this ready for you next week with a special mail-box you can send it to.


Just one entry per person. Pick your character and give it your best shot.


But, i can still submit under the name, Fanny Delite, right?! :smiley:


Actually super stoked for this Mr Millar is one of my favorite writers, So we have to write a story based around the IP’s given correct?



It’s an anthology with 6 stories which are described in the opening post from Mark. It is expected that there will be 6 different writer and artists teams. Imagine the way 2000ad works, people aren’t expected to pitch for all the stories in the book.

This probably isn’t as complicated as some seem to think it is. Choose the character where you think you can write the best short story, write it and then submit at the earliest next week when the sign off docs are ready. Good luck!


Finally, my trivialistic knowledge of Flash Gordon tropes could come in handy!


Great initiative, I have 2 questions:

1.- The format of the short stories it’s like a comic book script or more like a standard wording?

2.- How we send the submissions?