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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!

  1. We’re looking for full scripts

  2. We won’t be opening this thread until next week so hold off sending your submissions until then

It’s all in the first post guys, read it carefully before asking questions.


Thank you, sorry to ask these obvious questions, got excited and blind for a second, have a nice day!


This is such a ridiculously cool thing to do! :sunglasses::thumbsup: I doubt I’ll submit anything but can’t wait to see what comes out of this for all the stories mentioned.


Can two people work together on an entry? Or you must work alone?


Submit a good script that gets selected and you’ll just have to share the money if there are two of you.


Please read the directions in the initial post carefully.

This is the writer’s submission thread. Artists should be posting their samples in the artist submission thread linked below.


Hello, I’m a comic old head that it’s just regaining interest in the comic world, including writing some if my own stuff. I’m just wondering, for a person like me who doesn’t own any of the titles listed and just became aware of your publications (I loved the kick as movies), can I see any of these publications online? I know you listed specific books or sets for a couple of the series. Are these suggestions our Is there freedom to create an independent storyline fit one if these titles.


As long as it takes places in the time frame stated we can do anything with the story we want like alter origins right


OK well I read the guidelines, scoffed at all the questions…and now hang my head in shame as I have my own question…

When you say Books 1 to 3 of kick ass…you mean issues 1, 2 & 3…not the collected trades, right…RIGHT! :dizzy_face:


Let’s see:

  1. Chrononauts #1 is free to read. There’s a link in the forum. Otherwise you probably want to read the books if you want to be able to set a story within them. You have to feature the main characters in your pitch.

  2. Not to bring up continuity, but you probably want to remain within the bounds of the main storylines if you really want to be selected. You don’t pitch to write Batman by changing his origin to David Cameron or something.

  3. He means the trades of Kick Ass. Sometime within the entire arc of Dave’s story.


Thanks Jim.


Understood. Thank you.


OK thanks and what about smaller differences we clearly want to do something different to stand out from the crowd


But can I pitch a story where Quinn kills David Cameron? :wink:


Maybe a story where Quinn crashes a party and serves them a pigs head?

I get the feeling Chronnauts will get more slash-fic entries than any other title. Slash fic probably won’t make it to print by the way people, but it might make judging the scripts really amusing!


Are we to post our entries here, or are we to submit them via internal message?


That’s a great idea! Can I use it and give you special credit?


Jim already gets special credit on Chrononauts. :wink:


That’s what I was thinking! They could match.


First off, thank you for this amazing opportunity! My question is, where is the submission agreement/contact paperwork?