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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!


“AJ” submission in, and I’m clam-happy no matter how it turns out. Learning about the contest so late, I didn’t have time to dwell in the basement of two-years’ writer’s block. Thanks for the rescue! (And I really mean that.)


That’s good, try next year. We can’t move the close date sorry.


Thank you guys for hosting this. This was a fun exercise and I’m really excited that it prompted such a big response.

Also a big thanks to the mods, it looks like you guys have been going non-stop answering questions since the event kicked off.


Ha! That’s awesome. I had my wife proofread mine and she was offended as well. :smile:


Whats the email address to send to? Want to be one of the procrastnators


Thanks, found it was looking for blue hyperlink, was just static text


Instructions are in the first post of this thread:


Submitted mine earlier today. Hopefully it all went through correctly. I was one of the MAC users that couldn’t access the “Submission Agreement” but my way around it was to use “chrome” everything worked fine after that.


I just sent it.

I seriously hope it goes through and doesn’t get in your spam folder. Do you guys check the spam folder?


I just submitted mine as well, both the submission release and script in pdf form. Anxiously waiting confirmation.


exciting moments.


I so hope they got my mail. Been thinking on the concept for weeks.

I notice not a lot of people say which novel they picked up. Isn’t it allowed to say?


My first post here. I submitted earlier today- haven’t received confirmation yet but I imagine you guys are swamped. Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity. I really enjoyed pushing myself to work within the guidelines!


Just submitted as well. Hope i get the confirmation email soon too!



Perhaps traction was used poorly in my example. I meant that form is needed, execution has to be solid, if not the final piece will not reach its potential. Think of a movie that you thought it was bad, but that was based on a great idea. For me it would be “The Purge”, awesome concept, poor execution. Those movies sadden me more than the ones that are simply bad through and through.

I would like to add, besides plot and style (what in the previous comment I dubbed execution), there is also structure, pacing, and voice. :smile:

Thanks for answering my comment RMartian.




I just want to say thanks to the Mods for all of their help over the course of this contest. Good luck with all of the work you have ahead of you!


If you need any help reading submissions just shoot them over to me. :wink:


Just a general tip from someone with a background in psychology: you will have a better chance in ANY competition/application process if you are among the early submitters. Think about having to read/review 12,000 submissions or resumés etc. : it’s going to get boring after a while. In the beginning, the people reviewing submissions are going to be all jazzed and excited to see all of the talent people are displaying. However, after days on end of doing the same thing, you start to get exhausted. Many times, the reviewers make their selection early on, and they are skimming the later submissions just in case there is something stellar that catches their eye. It’s no one’s fault and it’s not intentional; it’s just a fact of life.

Anyway, just sometime to think about next year- particularly for us with late entries :wink:


That makes sense if they are reading them in the order they come in. What if they sort their inbox alphabetically? Then Aaron A. Aardvark (real name: Eric Plunkett) is probably going to win.


To be fair Aaron Aardvark’s entry was excellent.