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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!


Thank you muchly, sir! Will do!


I am attempting to download the writer’s submission agreement document on my mac. I downloaded Adobe Reader as others have suggested in the forum, but every time I try to open the document I am told that it is password protected. I don’t know how to get around this problem and I have read that others were having this problem and couldn’t figure it out. What can I do?


And submitted.


In the Submission Agreement under the Material, do I need to state the script title as well as describe the story?


I just wrote “1x X-Page X Script”, “X” being number of pages and character there…


So you really only need the title but can add more detail if you wish. This is a legal document and the primary function of that line is to state what you are including with the form.


I keep going back to starting out as an editor, and how frustrating unclear instructions for submissions could be.

Simply, where the title goes:

"Submission to MillarWorld Contest December, 2015: (character name), “(story title)”, by (your name);


Translated again, just as an example:

“Submission to MillarWorld Contest December, 2015: Starlight, “One Day In the Life” by Millard Fillmore, 5 pages.”

There ya go.


I recently sent my script and forms in for the contest. I was wondering if I was going to get notification that it was received. Thanks. Also, thanks for the opportunity this contest provides.


So will my “1x X-Page X Script” do? Or have I muffed that up, haha?


@JimOHara will have to confirm but I don’t think you should have a problem. It’s just more clarity.


It’ll do Tresson.

I’m sending approval to each entry we receive, but I’m a bit behind right now. Lots of emails coming in these days.


I can’t find if anyone already asked that, but the Hit-Girl story have some specific time to then? Can it be before bk1, after bk3…?


So long as it stars Hit Girl it can be set when you want. I’d recommend you set it in Hit Hirl circa Kick Ass rather than 50 years in the future though.


Been a lurker for awhile, first time poster. I read all 270 post in this thread and I only saw a hint of what my question is…
There are going to be six winners in writing and six winners in drawing…
Is it one winner per character story?
One winner for writing a Kick-Ass story, one winner for Kingsman story, etc? OR Can 6 different Kick-Ass stories win?
If it is one winner per character story then your story is only competing with stories of that character, correct?



That’s right Buck. There’s six different characters so if you submit a Hit Girl story you’re only competing with other Hit Girl entries.


Thanks. That is what I figured. Been working on mine and will submit it soon.


Thank you very much, sir ((:


I am open talking writing any time, not just after. :smile:

As to built up on the above:

There is two parts to a story: plot ( characters, dialogue, scenes, meta-criticism, theme ) and execution.

without both, theres not traction.

You might have an outstanding idea, but if poorly executed , it tanks.


Just curious once the deadline has passed could you post a tally of the total submissions received for each title? I’m seeing that 1,400 people have clicked the Submission Agreement link and I’m curious how many people actually followed through with a properly submitted script.


Just a quick question - At the top of each page, I have included a brief description of the size/layout of the panels (Full width, half width, etc) Is this a thing I should be doing, or leave it up to the artist?
Sorry if this has been covered above.