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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!


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Could we get some clarification of the rules, please? It says 1-5 pages, is this 1-5 pages for drawn work, written work, and what format are the written scripts expected to be in? (I’m currently using Celtx which is using a different format than what I’ve seen online for comic book script format.



It’s pages of drawn work. So 5 pages means a 5 page comic, not that your script needs to be five pages of copy.

So long as you submit your script in a pdf or word file you can follow whatever format you want. Full submission details are here: Millarworld Annual SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS


Script is done and just waiting to submit.

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So this is to say, I made an account. And, somewhat obviously, I intend to do my entry on Duke McQueen…


So as a writer we don’t have to do five pages, but we can’t exceed five pages as drawn? (Which would be roughly two pages or so scripted.)

That’s tough, I don’t exactly like leaving a story unfinished.


Nah man, it’s scripting a story that would become five pages of art.
Doesn’t say anything about unfinished…it’s a short.

Like a back-up


I sort of understand, this is actually my first attempt at scripting a comic book. I have my MA in screenwriting so I’m used to writing much longer scripts. Five pages is rather short for me, so I’m having to sort of curtail how I write. That’s all.


Think of it as a short story or film. Like those, it should only cover a single action or event.


Writers, make sure to check out this thread:


Really, 12,000 inquiries…talk about competition.


I’ve been using this as a reference for what should be included.


So with the current rules, would I be correct in presuming that I’d be penalized for presenting a five page sample and a full twenty page comic book script? Also, can I submit for both the artist side and the writing side, or is it one entry in total?


You may submit one entry in each of the competitions, writing and art, but you may only be selected for one. In the writing category, you are not submitting a sample script. You are submitting the actual script that you want used for the story you specify. Not following instructions is grounds for disqualification.


Lord Relentless is kind of an apt name.


So you’re looking for a full script that I want to use as a story, but it can only be five pages long when a full script for a comic (via the sample you gave from Mark Miller) is 23 pages long? Which is it, a full script or a five page limit?

(There is a reason why I chose that as my name.)


It’s a five page story dude. This isn’t that hard.