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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!


There’s a thousand stories you could tell about Hit Girl or Kick Ass within the confines of the book. Which is a good thing because I think we’re going to get a thousand entries!


at least!


I would guess they mean a story that amounts to 5 pages when it’s printed. The script can be however long or short it needs to be. It just needs to translate to 5 pages when it goes to press.

I’m not an admin or anything though, so I could be totally wrong.


Amen. I think it would be really cool if, once the contest is over, they post a couple of the runner ups here. Could be a nice consolation prize almost. Sort of a “we liked the winning story more, but thought yours showed real promise and wanted to acknowledge that” type deal. It would also be really cool to see other people’s take on the Millarworld characters.

Just a thought.


You are right, the page lengths given are the number of pages in the printed comic. There’s no set length for the script but Mark posted an example a day or so back which would be a good guide.


New writer submission instructions can be found here


Oh it’s only 5 pages, my mistake, I read it wrong, this makes more sense


Quick question; I already have my story ready, but for the Kingsman submissions, are we using Gary from the comics, or Gary from the Movie? I imagine it’d probably be from the comics as I know sometimes you need certain people’s permission for use of their likeness and appearance, so I imagine that it’s for using the comic version of Gary, but I want to clarify this before I go ahead and turn it in.


Comics version please.


That’s where I’m stuck also. Also does the past mean the character’s past or them being in the past?


Based on the new details posted in the other thread, I’m assuming this now isn’t possible: it seems like a pseudonymous entry would void the submission agreement.


You mean no Fanny Delite?!


The world will sadly be denied the pleasures of Fanny Delite.


Even a Matt Garvey AKA?


Yeah, that was said in jest. Submit under your own name if you want to submit - we won’t be judging on whether someone is new to the board or part of the long term faithful.


Okay. Thanks for the verification.


This sound super fun and great. I’ve already gotten the first draft of my four-page Chrononauts story, and I’m looking forward to submitting it next week. Thanks for the opportunity!


Just completed the first draft of my American Jesus story.
Shopping it around with some friends to get some notes before revising.


The guide lines were updated so that it now states:

CHRONONAUTS set in the past, during first trade (4 pages)

So you story can take place during any of those released issues. Also, I’m pretty sure that, “set in the past,” just means your story has to predate 2013. Good luck!


It’s easy enough chaps, the story is set during the first 4 issues (or book/volume) of Chrononauts where they are adventuring during different time periods in the past. A lot of freedom there when you have all of history to choose your setting.