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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!


Got it, thank you for clarifying.


Clarifying questions for Chrononauts: Book one is the first four issues correct? In the past means what exactly? I’m really excited to enter!


I’m a little stuck on this as well.



If “book 1,” is the same as, “issue #1,” then how would you write a story in the past if the whole first issue is set during the present. They don’t go to the past until the end of issue #1. So any story set during the past would actually be in between issue #1 and issue #2, right? But if Book 1 means issues 1-4, then never mind, I get it. If Book 1 means just issue #1, then I’m game for the creative challenge either way.


As Books 1-3 of Kick Ass meant Trades 1-3 then I’m assuming the same applies to Chrononauts and so you can set your story anywhere between issues 1-4.

Hopefully the Mods will back me up.


how do i submit my art?


There is a separate thread for artists.


In terms of a Kick Ass story, what are the rules on referencing other publisher’s characters? In an early Kick Ass issue, the X-Men are mentioned, and there are obviously more references, both spoken and visual as the the book continues. I know Kick Ass was published under the Marvel umbrella so are potential references a no no now? I’m only asking because I have an idea for a visual joke that I may have to tweak, or will fair use save me? I know it’s hard to answer due to relativity but a bit of advice would be lovely. Cheers.


How much can we play with the characters, also can we add “new” concepts or characters .

Like can we age a character up (Hit-Girl) and expand on the end of Kick Ass 3 (New kid) to work with a better timeline and explain certain things ?


I think you can make a quick reference but in the most part you should avoid other properties for obvious reasons.

Your story should be set within the confines of the books listed. So you can’t suddenly age Hit Girl up.


So I’m assuming it should happen before Kick Ass 3 ? Can’t do any fun stuff with a little after KA3 where she is just traveling ?

I mean for Kick Ass it says between 1 and 3 but Hit Girl it says solo adventure so I’m slightly confused .


Think of it like Star Wars. You can write anything set between A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, but no expanded universe stuff, no Attack of the Clones and no Force Awakens.


i am impressesd with the ambition of the writers on here of where they would “like” to take their stories! :smiley:


Yeah, it’s gonna be some stiff competition.
Where I went is just with “something I would have liked to have seen”.


Hmmm I see, I was just seeing what is kosher .

If it’s a solo adventure, it may be a bit hard to find any solo space since the comics happen like right after each other so there is not that much you can expand (that isn’t talked about in bk 1 - 3 of Kick Ass) on besides before meeting Kick-Ass (Pre-qual boys), something involving normal life (maybe more slice of life school stuff) or in prison .


its exciting, i love it


I hope that even if it don’t win, that my submission is at least found a little entertaining haha


There’s a thousand stories you could tell about Hit Girl or Kick Ass within the confines of the book. Which is a good thing because I think we’re going to get a thousand entries!


at least!


I would guess they mean a story that amounts to 5 pages when it’s printed. The script can be however long or short it needs to be. It just needs to translate to 5 pages when it goes to press.

I’m not an admin or anything though, so I could be totally wrong.


Amen. I think it would be really cool if, once the contest is over, they post a couple of the runner ups here. Could be a nice consolation prize almost. Sort of a “we liked the winning story more, but thought yours showed real promise and wanted to acknowledge that” type deal. It would also be really cool to see other people’s take on the Millarworld characters.

Just a thought.