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Millarworld Annual Submission. Who submitted?


I just sent my submission in. Talk about nerve wracking. Any other writers or artists submitting?

Millarworld Annual 2017 - Writer Submission Thread

Yep, me.
Sent my HUCK Script in last month…now the wait begins :grimacing:


Just clicked send on my submission…

I’m not nervous at all…Not a bit of it…


you should be, i’ve read it…yeeeeeesh! :joy:


I hate you Garvey. Very very much. It is important to me that you know that right now :wink:


better be nice if you want you two Cordelia Trades!
i gotta go out a buy a BIGGER envelope tomorrow, because the two wont fit in my usual ones! :wink:


That’s a euphemism for something, right?


No, serious.
Went to post it yesterday and the envelope ripped!
Buying a nice padded one tomorrow…

P.S your story is awesome, i loved it!


Cheers mate. I appreciated your feedback on it. It is always a good idea to get an objective opinion on something that you’ve lived with for a while. So thank you for taking the time.


fresh eyes are always good! :wink:


I wrote a Huck script as well. You know what this means? You are my archenemy now. Lol


Which series did you write a story for?




i’ll be happy as long as someone i know wins…but i do hate you.


Garvey was told right from the start his entry will be banned anyway so don’t worry. :wink:


I decided against it but decided to reread what I had written last year so clicked on the email I’d filed and lo and behold despite changing the top header to “final draft” it was lo and behold my first draft I’d sent lol only taken me nearly a year to spot the screw up . Just goes to show you should check and double check.


ouch, waaaaaay to mean! :joy:


Nobody with their own publishing empire should count.

Kidding of course, self publishers are fine to enter.


Do we get a confirmation email from millarworld confirming they have my entry?


Hi Reed,

I think that was covered on the main Writers Question thread. The answer is no. There are too many submissions.