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In the writer Submission in the section ‘The Material’ what do I write exactly in there? Sorry for asking, but I don’t wanna miss something.


I’ve tried to open the PDF on PDF reader, Photoshop CS5, Microsoft Edge etc…It’s asking for a password. Does anyone has the password of the submission agreement file?


This is stated in the first post. Please read all instructions listed carefully so you don’t miss any information.


So, under “The Material” all that’s needed is JUST “American Jesus/Kick-Ass/Kingsman etc”. Or is there more detail needed?


Hello mr. Millar,

I’m an aspiring writer and I’m deciding at the moment for which story I’m submitting, but I do have some questions.

"KICK-ASS story set between Trades 1-3 (5 pages)"
I understand that a short story should be between vol. 1 & 2 or vol. 2 & 3.

but for the following:
“HIT-GIRL solo adventure set during the Kick Ass trades (4 pages)”

For the Hit-Girl short story, does this mean that a short story should be set during the Kick-Ass trades, when Hit-Girl isn’t seen around in the comics? Should it connect directly with a particular scene in the comics? For example: when Hit-Girl gets shot down in the warehouse by Johnny G (issue 7, vol 1.), could a story be about that? How she recovers and how she gets back at the warehouse?

I’m really excited that this talent hunt has begun! Thank you for giving us all the opportunity and hopefully I hear from you.

Kind regards,

R. Christopher Hyde


Just to clarify for Kick Ass and Hit Girl there’s nothing as specific as it seems to be being interpreted.

The stories should be set during the main Kick Ass story across the 3 volumes (i.e not a prequel or sequel story). So for Hit Girl tell a neat story about a foul mouthed little girl vigilante, easy as that.

Bear in mind these are meant to be fun side stories for each of the characters and there are only 4 or 5 pages for each one.

Similarly for Chrononauts, set a story any time during the first volume when they are travelling through the past.


Anyone who is a Mac user like myself will need to go here and download Adobe Reader. For some reason the native program, Preview, is not recognizing the file as a pdf file. It might be down to recent changes in Adobe’s Acrobat system. So download the file and Adobe Reader. You should be good to go after that.


That’s all you need. Just a description of what you’re submitting. For example it could be ‘American Jesus 5 page script for Millarworld Annual’.


Does it matter how we format our scripts? It obviously has to be a COMIC script, but will our submission be deleted if our particular style of formatting doesn’t match what you’re looking for?


Thank you for letting me know. This will certainly help me out. :slight_smile:


Still no help on the Password situation?



There should not be a password required. I’m not sure what is causing that to happen for you.


Yeah, we can’t replicate the issue you’re having on your end. We’ll look into creating a different pdf version of the form but it’ll be a couple of days before it’s done. Don’t panic though, you have until the end of November to submit your entry.


Doesn’t matter, so long as you submit a pdf (preferred) or Microsoft Word file format.


I’ll try again. Thank you.


Try right clicking (clicking with 2 fingers on a Mac) and choose “Download Linked File”. Since you’re on a Mac you will most likely also need Adobe Reader that I linked a couple posts up to open the file.


Very excited about this! Random Starlight question: how old were Duke’s sons when he disappeared and went to Tantalus the first time? Or were they not born until after he returned?


They weren’t born until he returned I think.


I figured it out. I already have reader might be buggy. Went old school. PC came thru!

Thank you for all the help!



And Mac users, if it’s buggy because mine was. Find a PC download it from there.