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That’s fine. We are looking for the best stories over and above anything else and not trying to rule people out on technicalities. If an entry has slipped up in some area then we’re more likely to follow up with them to sort it out to get the best comic on the stands.

So follow the advice in the opening posts on these threads as best as you can to make our lives easier but if your art or script is amazing we aren’t going to shoot ourselves in the foot rejecting it because some minor aspect was not perfect.


Regardless of the results this little experiment has helped me fill a notebook full of ideas characters and story outlines for my own use. Following a similar format to the competition as far as pay scale etc i would be keen to hook up with an artist in a few months (Christmas is expensive you know!) and payout of my own pocket for someone to work on a script. Aside from trolling through some of the amazing art submissions and contacting people direct do we have any open forums for artists looking for work or suggestions how i should go about approaching the artists as a work for hire contract?


Our creative forum is always open and welcome to more posts.


My submission is also for American Jesus, it was an easy choice for me since I kind of had a story in my mind from the moment I read the first book.


No, it’s a legal document. Just sign your real name.


If I’m unsuccessful, I’ll stick my story in the
creative forums for review (if that’s ok). It’d be good to get some critique.


question: i tried to pull up this page on my iphone the other day to print the agreement form, and received a message that the site was down and the deadline was extended to 12/3. is this still the case?? a little concerned because i havent seen anything about it anywhere. will be submitting my script and info today, if so. thank you!


Mark himself confirmed the new deadline in the below thread:


@Bruce thank you so much!


I finally submitted my script! I’ve been enjoying the upswing in these opportunities for writers.

Quick question: I included a cover page. Hopefully, that doesn’t count against my script page count.


There is no script page count. The page counts are the length of the story in the comic.


Just got my script sent in. Even if mine doesn’t get picked, really grateful for the opportunity and this got me writing again after a few years of not finding a reason to. Thanks guys!


I got my script in just now. Had a great time writing it and look forward to reading the annual whenever it comes out. It looks like there’s a legion of talented fans on this forum, so it should be stellar.


Thank God they pushed back the submission date! Yay procrastination and technology never working! lol


Just submitted my script. Good luck to everyone who participated. Thank you for the opportunity.


I wish everyone the best of luck. These types of opportunities are few and far between especially for writers so here’s hoping Mr. Millar and team does this again and again and again!


Just submitted mine, couldn’t decide between my Starlight and Chrononauts so I flipped a coin and went with Starlight. All the best to everyone!


We’re planning on doing this every year. Mark is very grateful to his fan base and is committed to continuing efforts like this to help folks break into the industry. We have more ideas coming soon so stay tuned.


Absolutely awesome to know, breaking in as just a writer is beyond difficult. I wish more companies were willing to give “new blood” a try. It’s probably why Mr. Millar has gone independent. Win or lose thanks again for the chance.


okay, this might be a little too specific of a question, but:

i wrote a script for starlight, and there is one panel that contains duke from the present. if the other 98% of the story is him on tantalus in his early days, is that acceptable?