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Millarworld Annual Promotional Activity or We Want You!


@Mark_Millar was kind enough recently to put together a document outlining what new creators should expect from the industry and how to conduct themselves.
millars golden secrets for comic book creators

One part that was highlighted was how important final order cutoff is and he encouraged us to go out and spread the word.

Here’s a few examples of what we have done as a group to try and drive the book.(I’ll add more as they come along)

@cliffbumgardner @PrachetaBanerjee @MyronMacklin @DenizCamp and @Rachael_Millarworld have spoken with Nerdmost about the experience

Mark and Rachael Talking to CBR
Millarworld Annual CBR

Mark and Rachael Talking to
Millarworld Annual

More to follow

Video promos

One I put together for the whole team

One just for @ozguryildirim and myself

One put together for twitter and Facebook
Final order Cutoff

In Store

Ive arranged for 40 copies to be available at my home town comic shop in Hamilton NZ (I’m based in Scotland these days) The idea here is that Chris (store manager Mark One Comics) can pass them on to my family and friends and any other passionate supporters on the condition that they make a donation to the hero’s initiative as well.

How you can help
If possible could as many of the Millarboard regulars please like/follow/share the above articles and promotional material as we all endeavour to spread the good word.

If any of the other winners are up to anything else please post below to let everyone know how you are getting along

Also if any retailers are out there reading feel free to reach out to us as many have indicated we are willing to do in store signings and help out any way we can.

I’m personally available to travel anywhere in the North of England (lets say Manchester to Leeds up) and Scotland and can make my way to any store who would be keen to have me so we can help raise some money for this cause

I don’t have any other published work currently so I’m not promoting myself by pushing other books I just want as many people as possible to have the same opportunity I did and make sure the annual is a success. Even if someone wants shelves stacked for a day I’m more than happy to help out



I like this name! :smile:
And I’m very excited for the annual. This thread is reminding me to go and order it from my LCS.
You guys are doing great.


I’m looking forward to it myself. Can’t wait to see everyone’s take on the characters.


Hey, Mark!

Thanks for putting this post together. I’ve got a host of things I’ve been working on for the Annual that I can share.

First thing, the site I co-run,, will have an interview with Rachael going up on Monday that talks Annual / comics editing / her history; her interview was great so I think it’ll be a really fun piece. Aside from that I’ve been wrangling some other press, both online and local; I sat in on a podcast last weekend that should be going live soon, and there’s another one I’m trying now to set a time with. As a dude who runs a media site, I can attest that they are ALWAYS looking for content, the smaller ones especially. If you just reach out, tell them what’s happening, and give them a good interview they are usually more than willing to put something together.

Offline, Steve and I managed to have a few very kind local NC shops invite us to do signings the week of the release, so he’ll be coming down to sit in with me on a little mini-tour. Talking to your LCS is something I also highly recommend; most are happy to have local creators in, especially with a book like this, and those’re the folks who make this industry possible, so it’s great to meet and interact with them as much as you can.

Like Mark said above, if anyone ever needs anything from me I’m always willing to help out and be a part. Any of the interviews I’m grabbing I’m also trying to get them to speak with the rest of you folks, so I’ll reach out if any of them bite. I’m going to be at HeroesCon this weekend talking things up, so I’ll let everyone know if anything comes of that.

Excited to be sharing this with all of you beautiful and talented folks!



That’s an impressive amount of pimping Cliff :grinning:


Nice job, gents! I’ll be sure to do some outreach around here in NYC when I get a chance!


Mark Linked me to this thread…which i find very hurtful, because my Chrononauts script wasn’t selected…
Cheers Abnett, what a great way to kick a fella while he is down! :rage:

Only kidding!
Incredibly proud of everyone that got included in this annual and love the fact that its for Charity too.
Happy to help in anyway way i can to spread the word, so let me know if there is anything i can do to help!


If you message me over any promo stuff, I’ll put a piece together for Big Comic Page if they haven’t already done something for it :slight_smile: (not sure, I’m a bit out of the loop at the mo as I have limited net as I’m not staying in my flat at the mo…my flat is being ripped apart because of dry rot :frowning: )


@AikiSaul if you click on the links you should be able to copy and paste the you tube videos. If big comic page are keen to do an interview I’m definitely up for it!


Likewise! Happy to be a part of an interview!


More activity!

Book Signing
Ultimate Comics @stevebeach1212 @cliffbumgardner
July 16th Ultimate comics Raleigh


Internet Picnic


Thanks, Mark! We’ll be announcing two more book signings here in the next week, and we may even have a special guest for one of them… More soon!


Mark I hope you have it in the Galloway News! Our local paper :slight_smile: Happy to help out with an interview at whichever local publication you guys have.

STV Glasgow is also an option!


So this just happened!!!



That’s awesome man, congratulations! :sunglasses: :thumbsup: (can’t wait to read this!)


That is so cool.


Love it! Can’t wait to read your story @markabnett!


Interview with comicbuzz is up, in which I make a small shout out to the forums.

Cheers, guys! Just one week now!


I’ve read it, it’s really good, as Deniz’s, can’t wait to see them drawn next week.


but wait theres more.

heres and article with where I drone on and on and on about how awesome this is