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Millarworld Annual - Artist Submission Guidelines!!


Hey all. Lots of cool submissions here. Here’s my swing at it. You can contact me at


There should be no concern at all. Mark is in full control this time so people should enter with confidence.

The hunt for talent is global, so anyone from any country can enter.

However, you have to be over 18 in order to enter, so you have to be over 18 as of today. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait, but this is going to be an annual activity going forwards so keep drawing and we’ll look forward to your entry next year.


Hello my name is Michael Oppenheimer and here is my submission. My contact email is and I am on twitter @mikeoppart


This is a great opportunity! It doesn’t say anything about previously published artists but I doubt I’d be able to qualify if that is a consideration. Would love to submit my work for any other opportunities at Millarworld, though.

-Josh Adams


I’m Josh Mathus, my contact email is, and here is a link to my deviantart page Many a heartfelt thanks for such an amazing opportunity!


Hello, here’s my entry. My name is Ivan Cortez from Lima, Peru.
You can see my work at:

Thanks a lot for the opportunity


Ariel Medel


Hello, this is a unique opportunity.
always liked the mark millar´s characters, Superior, kick-ass and supercrooks, are generally fantastic, it would be an honor to work in one of the stories of mark millar

My name is Ricardo Silva
I have 25 years
I live in Brazil
my e-mail is

please see my deviantart.



Hi, my is Caio Oliveira, I’m a brazilian artist and this is my entry. Hope you like it. For more samples, check my deviantart page:

My email is thanks for the opportunity. :wink:


My name is Pablo Verdugo. I live in Santiago, Chile.

Here is my deviantart gallery and my portfolio :



My name is Francisco Hnilo, I’m 23 years old, and I’m from Argentina.
My online portfolio can be found at: , where you can see my digital colour work (including posters and pin-ups), as well.
My email is


Great contest. Already some great work here. Submitting a cover


I appreciate the opportunity.
Name: David Coates (NB, Canada)

I’d like to submit for the cover artist, heres a couple samples and you can check out my stuff further on


My name is Michael McMahon, no I am not Mick McMahon, and here are some of my samples. My email is Thank you!


Hello! My name is Aaron Felizmenio from the Philippines and here’s my entry.

You can check out more of my stuff at and at
Here’s my e-mail:

Thank you so much for this!


Dear Millar and guys,
Firstable thank you for the amazing opportunity that you are giving to artists. It would be great to be part of the Millar’s Universe.

My name is Jesús Antonio Hernández Rodríguez (Portaveritas). 40 years and from México.
My email: 01portaveritas at gmail dot com

Thank you so much in advance for checking the work.

Thanks again.


Richard A Scott Portland, OR. (addy on scans is not current) 51 Inker
Hembeck sample is inked, colored and lettered by me. Appeared in BackIssue #39 in black and white.


Hello! My name is Anthony Fowler, and I’m super excited for this opportunity!

I’m curious: is it possible to submit just as an inker? If so, here’s my humble contribution. Here are three pages from DC’s Superman/Wonder Woman #7 I inked as a sample for my portfolio. Pencils by the great Paulo Siqueira!

My work can be found on DeviantArt and my Facebook page. My email is Thank you for this great opportunity!


My name is Willie Peppers, residing in Louisville, KY. Derby City. I have uploaded 3 sequential pages of my pencils, as well as a wraparound cover.

To see more of my work, please go to


.Do we just post our submission on this forum? or is there an email we should send them to?