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Millarworld Annual - Artist Submission Guidelines!!




Hi my name is Sebastian Drewniok and I’m an comic artist and illustrator from Germany.
Here are my submissions for interior and/or cover art. I hope it’s ok to submit for both categories.
My email address is
I usually tend to do the whole art by my self, so the art is already coloured.
These are pages and covers from my creator owned (web)Comic TANK which you can read on-line on my homepage
For cover art please check out


Hi all ! A lot of talented people here, congratulations to all of you for your skills !

My name is Todor Hristov.
You can contact me at :
And you can check my stuff here: and here:

Here’s my contribution :


Beautiful ! Ellegant ! I wish to see more.


Hey, guys!

My name is Daniel Franco, I’m an illustrator and comic book artist from Brazil.

My contact email is

You can find my work here too



New submission instructions can be found here



Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to all contestants.

I’m Conor Hughes, my website is here, and tumblr here.


Hi, and thanks for the opportunity!


Here is my submission, this is part of a 15 page sequence available for viewing at my personal portfolio site:

You can see my paintings there as well.
I can be contacted here:


Hello my name is Marco Turcotte in Drummondville, quebec Canada and I would offer myself as a Penciler or inker or colorist designer has all those who would like my services

My E-mail is


Marco Turcotte art thread

Hi, I just re read the rules for entry, and you have to submit 3 pages of sequential art. So, here are 3 pages from my comic book VILD ( My name is Jon Cowen, you can also follow my tumblr ( My email is I normally pencil my work then use acrylic paint and ink over the top of it. Hope you can consider me for the annual.


This is one of two fantastic and inspiring news I’ve heard this week (second is water on Mars, of course).
My name is Marcin Medziński (try to read this :wink: ) and obviously I’m form Poland.
Currently in my art I’m looking for ways of expressive drawing possibilities.
Mixed media with strong pressure on hand crafts (?).

This are 1st, 2nd and 6th page of 8, of a short story titled PULL THE PLUG WHEN NEEDED, a parable about modern times.

Thank You for crossing this post.
/sorry of my rusty English, I know it only for 25 years and still learnig/

Many greetings from fans in Poland. Hope You’ll visit us some day on Comics Festival in Łódź :wink:

You can find some more of my “art” on

Here are my three pages of submissions:


Hey! Here´s my works
My name is Ozgur Yildirim and I’m a Comic book& storyboard artist from Istanbul-Turkey.
I can work diffrent style, you can see more of my work at and
My email is,
Thank you for the opportunity!


Hi, My name is Andrew and I’m an artist from Toronto Canada.

Here are a few pages of my work selected from an 8 page sequence. I penciled, inked, coloured and lettered (and wrote) these sequentials all myself. Also included are a couple Cover samples.

You can find more of my work over at
and email at


Only submissions that contain 3 pages of sequential artwork (interior comic pages) will be accepted for submission.


My name is Sarah Baslaim and I’m an illustration student .
Here is my email :
A link to my artwork :

And here’s my entry !


where are your samples, buddy?


Read the instructions, I’m just an idiot apparently. I forgot it was only October. haha Thanks so much for the speedy reply, and will do!


Here are my submissions for the contest!

I can be reached on my personal portfolio (
or my own webcomic (

and of course email


Hello. My name is Milos Slavkovic. Here is some of my work: