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Millarworld Annual - Artist Submission Guidelines!!



Okay, you’ve heard the exciting news. Anyone who’s ever fancied a bash at writing or drawing comics is in luck because I want to lend you a hand. Going forward, I want to do a once-a-year event where prospective writers and artists get a chance to write or draw our Millarworld characters and get paid for the sheer joy of it.

I’ve always been very precious about letting other people do my creations so this is quite unusual, but I really do believe that the only way we can thrive as an industry is if new talent gets a chance. Comics has been really good to me and I want to do what I can with my limited time to give budding creators a wee chance too if they’re maybe unsure where to start. So the idea is submit NO MORE THAN 3 PAGES of sequential art to show us what you can do and if we like what we see here we’ll commission you to draw a strip in the Millarworld 2016 annual we’re releasing next summer, all paid at Marvel and DC starter rates. This is $200 a page for an artist ($120 for a penciler and $80 for an inker) and we’ll make sure quality colours and letters make your work look as good as possible. Starting next year I’d like to help find new colour and lettering talent too, but right now this is all we have time for this year as we’re a relatively small operation.

I’m going to pay these rates out of my own pocket for the annual and I reckon we’ll make our money back. Any profits I want to donate entirely to the Hero Initiative charity as there’s something quite nice about new creators directly helping the men and women who’s work possibly inspired them in the first place. As far as the art goes, this couldn’t be simpler. If your work looks good enough to be one of the six new artists being hired for this first annual we’ll be in touch on December 23rd and send you a script by a newbie writer. If you meet the deadline we give (which will be a nice, easy one) you’ll receive your payment one week later and be showcased in the first of these Summer annuals. The stories will all be four or five pages long, much like the short stories comic-creators traditionally started out on, and the characters being used are as follows.

KICK-ASS (5 pages)
KINGSMAN (5 pages)
HIT-GIRL (4 pages)
STARLIGHT (5 pages)

We will also be looking for a cover artist, paid at a rate of $450 for black and white, $600 for colour.


1/ One entry per person
2/ Please include contact details with your submission
3/ This search is for new, undiscovered talent
4/ All entrants must be over 18.
5/ Deadline for entries is November 30th
6/ The selected six artists and six writers for the 2016 annual will be contacted by 23rd December 2015



Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!
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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!
Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!
Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!
Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!
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Millarworld Annual - Writer Submission Guidelines!

Fantastic idea! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work! Good luck!

Millarworld Annual 2017 - Artist Submission Thread
Hello, I'm R.M.Rucker and this is my submission a, Hit Girl story

It’s awesome that you’re doing this Mark. I do have some questions.

  • Can an artist submit one entry for both the sequential and the cover art spot ?
  • When you say 3 pages of sequential art are you looking for solid storytelling comic art examples in general or Millarworld examples specifically ?



Oh I raging about this I really want to draw for mark because I’ve showed him some of my drawings and he was impressed I’m only 17


Hey! Here´s my entry
My name is Fernando Pinto and I’m a Cartoonist from Santiago, Chile.
Yo can see more of my work at and My email is
Thank you for the opportunity!

Here are the winners of the Millarworld Talent Search

Hello, quite liked the initiative and I became interested by it. However, I have two questions:

  1. I’m from Brazil and I wonder if I can participate?
  2. I do 18 years only at the end of January 2016. This would hamper my participation?


What a brilliantly strong first entry! Wonderful work Nandop!


Thanx man!


Michael E. Kasinger
PWhack Comics
Comics the will PUNCH you in the JUNK!

Here are some my pencils

Megastar: Writer: Mike Exner III Pencils: Me



My own creation PWhack the wild adventures of Pinky Puncher




You can find more of her in my book The Jacket #0 on Comixology. Which is a preview of three of my creations.

You can also find more of my work here.


It looks like Christmas is going to come early on Millarworld.


Since the CLiNT second round winners never got their work published or paid for and the third round never had winners chosen, is there any concern that you’ll come through?


Hi! My name’s Marcus Pedro, from Brazil, and it’s here my sample pages.

My contact is
My blog is

So, thanks for the opportunity!


Hello, here’s my entry
My name is Marco Lorenzana from México
My email:
you can see my work at:

Thanks for the opportunity


My name is Laith

My contact is

For a full look at my sequential art gallery please check out this link

I can also be found on Tumblr and Instagram @laithalabbad


Here are some sequential work. I have more samples at Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. Such a great idea.


Hi! This is definitely awesome news! I wonder if it´s posible to submit in the same file pencils and inks, so you can evaluate both sides of the work.
Anyway, thanks a lot Mark!! This initiative is absolutely great :slight_smile:



My name is Colin Dyer, a freelance comic artist and illustrator for Cincinnati, Ohio.
I do pencils and the inks for my pages.
My email is, and you can see more of my work on my behance: as well as my blog
Thanks for this awesome opportunity!


This is great! I would like to apply as well,

My name is Armin and you can contact me at:
More work at


This is great! I’m a huge fan of yours, sir! My website is and my email is!