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Millarworld Annual 2017 - Writer Submission Thread


Again Thank you…


I looked for the e-mail adress to send my script submission but find nothing. Please, where is the e-mail adress of MillarWorld?


It’s in the first post of this thread.
1/ One entry per person
2/ Send your script to


Thanks :slight_smile:


First post after months of lurking and several weeks of writing and editing a script, but I just submitted my entry for Huck. Thanks for the opportunity, and thanks to the folks running this thing for answering all the questions I wanted to ask without me having to ask them. Best of luck to everyone!!


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Wrong thread, pal. Here is the correct one:


Hopefully, we all did a good job. :smiley:


Yeah, dude, quickly – put it on the right thread! You got about a day – don’t miss out!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve been nice and shifted it over for him. We’re a little more generous with the artists on messing up the instructions since many aren’t necessarily fluent in English.


Script sent. May December 23rd bring good news. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone

I submitted my Huck story this morning. I found writing writing other peoples characters challenging but a brilliant writing exercise. Good luck everyone and thank you for this amazing opportunity Millarworld.


Why do I have a birthday cake next to my name and how long has it been there?


Not sure what you’re talking about. It doesn’t show up on my screen.


I finally submitted my script! I hope I made it on time! Writing Nemesis is actually very challenging but it feels great to have written it regardless of what happens!


Hmm, weird. Oh well, it looks tasty!


Sent my submission yesterday - a Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl story. I feel a mix of excitement and nervousness.

Best of luck to everybody!



OK that was excitable - finally done just before deadline as usual. Anyone else start this like 2 months ago, forget about it and then burst through it in the last 24 hours? Luckily I did most of my planning early and got it all done in a couple of days.

Really enjoyed writing for Huck - it is nice to do something a little more lighthearted now and again. People are trying to outdo each other in who can do the grittiest, goriest stuff so Huck is a breath of fresh air I think. Best of luck to everyone!


I’m glad I waited for the last issue of Empress to come out. I didn’t have a very clear idea of what I wanted to say until that thing that happens at the end. The best thing about this was how much I enjoyed writing it. I don’t usually enjoy doing the actual writing as much as I enjoy the planning and sketching, because comic scripts are short and to the point- you can’t really embellish it unless it serves a purpose for the artist. I’m a short story writer to the core. But figuring out how to make the story work in 5 pages and what hints or references to use from the original story was challenging and super fun. Thank you, Mark!