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Millarworld Annual 2017 - Writer Submission Thread



Okay, you’ve heard the exciting news. Anyone who’s ever fancied a bash at writing or drawing comics is in luck because I want to give you a hand. Just like last year, I want to do an annual where prospective writers and artists get a chance to write or draw our Millarworld characters and get paid real cash $$$. Just for the sheer joy of it.

I’ve always been very precious about letting other people do my creations, but the industry always need new blood and last year’s entries were just beyond stellar. Comics has been really good to me and I want to do what I can with my limited time to help other creators get into print here. So in the other thread you’ll see the specifications for new artists and this thread is for new writers. At the top of this post you should see a link to a submission guideline as, like Marvel and DC, you need to sign a document to send with your proposal to a special mailbox we’ve established. Once you’ve done this, our team will be able to read your submission and the six best will be revealed on December 23rd as a lovely Christmas surprise. It’s as simple as that.

We’re looking for full scripts for the following characters and the people we select will be paid Marvel and DC starter rates. This is currently $90 per page for writers, $200 per page for artists and we will be providing all colours and letters to make the stories look as good as possible. I’m going to pay these rates out of my own pocket and I reckon we’ll make our money back quite comfortably. Any profits I want to donate entirely to the Hero Initiative charity.

When sending in your entry, you must attach a Microsoft Word document or PDF document. No other doc types will be accepted. The subject line of the email should mention the story you’re submitting for. The body of the email must include your name, address and your Millarworld forum name. You can only submit once, so make sure you get everything correct. Any entries that don’t follow these directions will be deleted automatically.

The stories will all be four or five pages long, much like the short stories comic-creators traditionally started out on, and the characters being used are as follows.

KICK-ASS & HIT-GIRL (5 pages)
This story should be set during Kick-Ass volumes 1-3.

EMPRESS (5 pages)
This story should be set when Emporia was still living on Earth and Dane was her royal bodyguard.

NEMESIS (4 pages)
This story should be set somewhere during the first volume.

HUCK (5 pages)
This should be a simple story set around the time of #1 and before Huck’s gifts were known to the public.

This story can be set anytime.

SUPERIOR (5 pages)
This story can be set anytime.

(‘Volume’ above means the collected trade volume)

We will also be looking for a cover artist, paid at a rate of $450 for black and white, $600 for colour.


1/ One entry per person
2/ Send your script to
3/ Please include contact details with your submission
4/ Make sure you attach a Word or PDF document
5/ This search is for new, undiscovered talent
6/ All entrants must be over 18.
7/ Deadline for entries is end of day November 30th EST (GMT-5)
8/ The selected six artists and six writers for the 2017 annual will be contacted by 23rd December 2016



Moderator’s Note: Please read through this post and this thread carefully before asking questions that are already answered

Change the date to 2016 on the submission document.
If prompted for a password on an Apple computer open it with Google Chrome or use someone else’s PC.
No confirmation of receipt will be given.

I need someone to clarify something for me please about the Millarworld 2017 Annual
Millarworld Talent Search 2016
Millarworld Annual 2017 - Artist Submission Thread
Millarworld Annual 2017 - Artist Submission Thread

I couldn’t participate last year because i was a really busy…But this time…I’m even more busy…

But I will find time!!

And I will do my best to win!!


Never done this before but it never hurts to try!


This is such an amazing opportunity, definitely going to give it a go! So exciting!


Is Garvey OUT of this one?


I’m upping the ante, I’ve put it to a Twitter vote to decide which character to do, haha. Feel free to chime in! :point_right: :ok_hand:



It’s on NOW


See, now I HAVE to enter!


Have I been banned?! :tired_face:


One can only hope!




This is really god’s work Mark. The comics industry seems to be suffering from a bit of a bottleneck and this will go a long way towards remedying that. Good luck everyone, and I had better get back to my own entry!


It would be the first thing to do :laughing:


The Millarworld Submission Agreement 2016 will be released shortly or goes well the Millarworld Submission Agreement 2015 to participate, please ?


Let’s do this!


This only sucks for me because I’m only familiar with Kick-Ass and only from the movies. Haven’t had a chance to pick up any of the titles to get my head around the characters.


Well. Go over to comixology and read up!


I think your great Matt…


Even you’re…


Awesome!!! this year inclues Nemesis!