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Millarworld Annual 2017 - Winners announced HERE!


Okay, this is it. The thirteen winners of the 2016 New Talent competition.

Before I say the names, I just want to thank everyone for taking part. New talent is what keeps this thing we love going and I’m delighted to see more brilliant people coming through every year. I also want to thank Jim and all the guys and girls who volunteered here at Millarworld to read through the hundreds of story submissions for each character and picking the best ones for me to read for each franchise. It made this a HELL of a lot easier and I thank them for their time and their friendship. This was even harder than last year. You also only need to look in the art thread and the hundreds of submissions I pored through this week to find the best seven to see how hard this was.

I also want to thank all you guys for supporting our books as always in 2016. I feel Greg Capullo on Reborn, Frank Quitely on Jupiter’s Legacy, Rafael Albuquerque on Huck, Wilfredo Torres on Jupiter’s Circle and Stuart Immonen on Empress is the best year we’ve ever had creatively. We’re so, so proud of the books this year and we’re chest-deep in the movies for two of them at the moment and one for TV already. A crazy bunch of announcements next month for 2017 so stay tuned for some madness. Fox’s version of our Old Man Logan comic is out in Spring and Kingsman: The Golden Circle is out in Autumn, but there’s A LOT you don’t know yet and I can’t wait to see your wee faces.


Robert Carey
Luana Vecchio
Jake Elphick
Alex Aguilar
Marcelo Salaza
Edgy Ziane

Empress by William McLaren
Kick-Ass by Emma Sayle
Nemesis by Steve Lawrence
Supercrooks by Martin Renard
Huck by by Stephanie Cooke
Superior: A story called SYMPTOMS by a writer who’s name isn’t actually on his script, but he’ll know who he is :slight_smile:

Cover artist : Rob Doyle


I’m wrapping up for the year tonight as tomorrow’s my birthday and my oldest brother has just appeared with a bottle of whiskey. We’ll be in touch with everyone first week in January to talk about the stories and prepare for everyone to get going. The stories are all brilliant, but I want to get some second drafts done and I’m going to be working with each of you personally on these before they go to the artists. Like last year, I want the annual out late Summer and I really do think this is going to be something special.

Some great people here, some folk we know from around the comics scene online and familiar faces getting their first taste of mainstream comics. I’m especially pleased to see Rob entering, a brilliant portrait artist I found online and used for a Big Issue cover last year. he NEEDS to get into comics and I urge any editors reading this now to hit he and all the people above ASAP. That art thread especially is a treasure true comic book companies should be plundering for new talent!

So all the bets, my chums. I hope Santa is good to you over Christmas and I look forward to catching up with you all first week in January when I’m back at work. Have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year and congratulations again to the brilliant people above for their exceptional work.

Lotsa love,

Watch a video of Kingsman cover being created!
Question regarding the MILLARWORLD Annual(s)...

Congratulations, artists!!

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4 hrs 30 mins until new talent winner announced!



Indeed this has been by far the best year for Millarworld, Chief.

It’s so great that you’re giving young talents this opportunity to show themselves to the world. It’s not only good for people who want to enter into the comic book world but for the industry as well.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Well done, artists! Congratulations!


Don’t make me suffer like that, Mr. Millar. Where are the writers? hahaha


Oh, and congratulations, artists!

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Congrats, artists! Party up tonight, this is a wonderful achievement.

RE: Writers:


COngrats, artists! And big thanks to Mark for being one of few whom seems to never forget how much work it takes to break in and let us show our works.




I can’t wait to see the artist’s work! It’s gonna be awesome!


Congratulations to the winners!


Congrats to the winners (by now, I can only see the artists)! Well-deserved, your artwork is stunning!


Congrats, artists!


C’mon, boss! Please don’t torture us!


Skyhunter, you are my heartsong.


Writers: [BLANK]


I guess it would have broken Millarworld tradition if there wasn’t some sort of technical mishap lol

EDIT: Huge congrats to the artists selected! You’re gonna kill it, guys!


I’m almost chewing my right arm because of the anxiety.
The whole year was only defeat for me. This could be THE win of the year for me, but even not being chosen, I’m happy for the opportunity. Probably it was the best opportunity I had in the past 3 years.


Edgy Ziane is an artist or writer?

Do not have any post of comic page of him in the artist submission topic.