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Millarworld Annual 2017 - Artist Submission Thread


My name is Emilio Jorge Mongiovi, I’m an Argentinian comic artist/illustrator.
My email is

This pages are part of sample project I made earlier this year.
Thanks for the opportunity…


—Hello my name is Francisco and I would like to be part of your Project, in this direction you can see samples of my work, everything you can find here is of my own creation.



Hello, my name is Armando Batista


Hi-My name is Dan Lauer and here are three sample pages-


Hallo, this is Oliver with my contribution.


Hi, my name is Christian Palmieri. I am based in Florence, Italy.
My e-mail is
Thanks for this opportunity and best of luck to everybody!


Hello My Name is Saeed Arjumand,

I am an artist based in Dubai , United Arab Emirates.

here are 3 pages I have done recently for a personal project

you can contact me via:


Thank you for the opportunity and great to see many other deciated artists, best of luck to you all.


Hello My Name is Yarkın Sakarya.

I’am based in Turkey, İstanbul

My email is :

:slight_smile: Good luck for everyone :slight_smile:


My name is Ethan, I am an illustrator, concept artist and colourist from Ireland. A link to my portfolio can be found here:
I have attached 3 pages from a manga I am creating for private use as these are the only sequential pages that I have, Please check out my portfolio to see what I can do with characters etc.
Thank you!
I can be contacted @


I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from Brazil.
Here are the links to my portfolio:

Contact me at:

Thank you for the opportunity.

Good luck to everyone!


Ivan Sória


Mohammad Jilani - illustrator

Holding my breath :sweat_smile:


I’m Adam Sward. I’m an illustrator based in Minneapolis, MN. Below are three pages from my current project, WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. My email is, and you can see more work at for anyone that cares to. Glad to be a part of the competition; the work so far is really fantastic.


What up.
My name is Andrew Huerta. I’m from Santa Ana, California.
And you can see more at:

These pages are from my creator-owned comic, “SOVEREIGN”. If you like what you see, check it out and support!








Hello! My names Ryan Liebe
I am sharing 3 pages from Alien Earth, a comic collaboration with my writer friend, Sam Kissinger.
I draw, ink, color, and letter my work and dream of breaking into the industry. Thank you for the potential!
comic updates:
drawings and stuff:


Hello, my name is Kenan Halilovic, I am 28 years old and I live in Zenica,Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been working as a freelance comic book artist for a few indie publishers and my dream is to have my work published by one of the more established publishers so I can create comic books for a living. Which would mean a dream come true for me. My e-mail is You can see more of my sequential work in my portfolio . Hope to hear from you on December 23rd :slight_smile:


My name is Joe and here some pages from an Indy comics project I’m working on
called “the Phantom Kid” from "the Reality Comics"

Here’s a scene where our hero wrestles a pickup truck and saves an adorable baby.


Hey, Im Scott and Im an illustrator and animator, I just happy to be able to participate and see what happens! so far there is a ton of great art on here!


Hello my name is Ruben N Ruiz Jr. Im located in New Jersey.
these pages were drawn and inked by me digitally.
here is a link to my online portfolio
I very grateful for this opportunity and best of luck to everyone



My name is Michael Tudor Jr. I’m from South Plainfield, NJ… in the process of moving to Brooklyn, NY. The pages attached are from my comic book “Optomo Plasmaticus Man” Issue 0 titled Robot God. I did the penciling, inks, then scanned and enhanced the pages digitally. This is great opportunity. Best of luck to everyone participating.


Here is a link to some of my other art >>