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Millarworld Annual 2017 - Artist Submission Thread


Hi there, Mike Morrocco here
Attached are my submissions for the Annual, thanks for the opportunity!


EDIT: I am very sorry about this, but could someone please delete my entry? I have had some difficulty with the form and as it is the last day, I will be unable to make the deadline. I can delete the content of this post but not the whole thing. :confused:

My name is Anne. Thank you for doing this contest I was so excited when my friend pointed it out to me and I had a lot of fun making my entry, (even if it did wind up a little rushed…XD) so, here you go:


hi my name is sebastian, i’m from argentina, my mail es
you can appreciate some of my paintings here DeviantArt



Thanks for opening submissions again, it’s really encouraging to us aspiring comic artists :slight_smile:

I’m Elvin Ching and my email is Here are my 3 pages. Wishing everyone all the best and hope the new annual is as awesome as the last. Cheers


Hello, my name is Brad Scott. Here are pages from a short story “The Movie” I made up for this talent search. Hope you enjoy.


Hello, I’m R.M.Rucker and this is my 3 page submission, a Hit-Girl story. Pencils and inks by your truly! My email is, look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, my name is Noor. I’m and illustrator and designer. Here are three pages from a comic book I’ve been working on called “Quest for the Last Tree.”

Thank you for your consideration.



My Name is Antonio Crespo. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio.
My email is
Here is a couple pages I did for an indie book called Ice Witch, written and created by Regine Sawyer.
I went with a penciled style thinking it would be easier to just skip the inking process. It wasn’t. :slight_smile: I ended up inking it here and there digitally anyway, funny how that works.

Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone.


Hi, My name is Jhon Alexander. I’m from Colombia. My email is Thanks for the opportunity


Jake Ochoa based out of Chicago IL


Art and lettering by me
Script by Chris Suarez


My name is Matthew Mossman and I am an artist from Sacramento, California. For the contest, I am presenting three pages from Supercrooks:

I have more art on my blog:

Thanks and good luck to everybody.


My name is James Pettitt and I’m a painter from the Seattle area. My submission is in pencil, but i’m also decent in inks and digital work.


Samuel Barber



My name is Stephen Dendy from Alabama.

My email is


My name is Rodrigo Escarcega. I’m from Chihuahua, Mexico.
This are my comic pages.

Thank for this opportunity!


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit some kick ass art. Hope you enjoy it
Fred Oro



Thank you all so much for your entries, some great stuff in there. The deadline has passed so we are now closed for new submissions. If you missed it I am sorry but we have to set a cut off and we’ll see you next year.