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Millarworld Annual 2017 - Artist Submission Thread



Okay, you’ve heard the exciting news. Anyone who’s ever fancied a bash at writing or drawing comics is in luck because I want to give you a hand. Just like last year, I want to do an annual where prospective writers and artists get a chance to write or draw our Millarworld characters and get paid real cash $$$. Just for the sheer joy of it.

I’ve always been very precious about letting other people do my creations, but the industry always need new blood and last year’s entries were just beyond stellar. Comics has been really good to me and I want to do what I can with my limited time to help other creators get into print here. So in the other thread you’ll see the specifications for new writers and this thread is for new artists. At the top of this post you should see a link to a submission guideline as, like Marvel and DC, you need to sign a document to send with your proposal to a special mailbox we’ve established. Once you’ve done this, our team will be able to read your submission and the six best will be revealed on December 23rd as a lovely Christmas surprise. It’s as simple as that.

I’m going to pay these rates out of my own pocket for the annual and I reckon we’ll make our money back. Any profits I want to donate entirely to the Hero Initiative charity as there’s something quite nice about new creators directly helping the men and women who’s work possibly inspired them in the first place. As far as the art goes, this couldn’t be simpler. If your work looks good enough to be one of the six new artists being hired for our second annual we’ll be in touch on December 23rd and send you a script by a newbie writer. If you meet the deadline we give (which will be a nice, easy one) you’ll receive your payment one week later and be showcased when we publish in July next year. The stories will all be four or five pages long, much like the short stories comic-creators traditionally started out on, and the characters being used are as follows.

KICK-ASS & HIT-GIRL (5 pages)
EMPRESS (5 pages)
NEMESIS (4 pages)
HUCK (5 pages)
SUPERIOR (5 pages)

We will also be looking for a cover artist, paid at a rate of $450 for black and white, $600 for colour.

To submit your entry post three pages of sequential art in this thread. Only three please, posts will be deleted if you post more. And they have to be sequential pages. We’ll use your entries to select both interior artists and the cover artist. You’ll then need to fill in the submission document linked at the top of this post and email it to us.


1/ One entry per person
2/ Please post three pages in this thread.
3/ Email just the submission document to
4/ This search is for new, undiscovered talent. If you’ve been paid for a comic from an established publisher you can’t enter.
5/ All entrants must be over 18.
6/ Deadline for entries is November 30th
7/ The selected six artists and six writers for the 2017 annual will be contacted by 23rd December 2016



Moderator’s Note: Please read through this post and the Writer’s Submission Thread carefully before asking questions that are already answered. If you still have questions, please PM a moderator. Do not post anything other than the 3 page submission in this thread.

Millarworld Talent Search 2016
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Millarworld Annual 2017 - Writer Submission Thread
Hello, I'm R.M.Rucker and this is my submission a, Hit Girl story
MW Annual 2017 - peer feedback
Millarworld Annual 2017 - Writer Submission Thread
Hi,my name isMehmet Günay Ercan,i am sending 3pages from my graphic novel Balt's.I am based inTurkey


My name is Robert Carey. I am based in Dublin, Ireland.
My email is
Its great to see this competition back and best of luck to all those submitting.

<img <img


My name is Dwayne Biddix and I am sharing my Mercs for Money 3 page samples. I am a digital artist and I draw and ink my own work and color my own cover art. My portfolio is at if you would like to see more.

Thanks for the opportunity and best of luck to everyone trying out!



No problem.

No offence to others, but we’ll have to delete all posts here that aren’t art samples, I’m afraid. Just so the thread (which will be enormous) doesn’t become IMPOSSIBLY enormous. I trust everyone to understand the new talent aspect of this and would appeal to your honesty in what you have or haven’t had published before.



Something I’ve been working on for myself, posting pages here in my “art dump” thread.
(EDIT - Cover + 2 pages in one image. Thought that would be more convenient, appears not to be. Fixed th post to be 3 seq. pages.)


Pencils from a Top Cow submission I made earlier this year.

Been doing art professionally for a while, but have never been published in comics before (thought it was time for a new challenge).

Best of luck to all!


Hello my name is Marco Lorenzana

Guadalajara Jalisco, México


Thanks for the opportunity



I’m Bruce O. Hughes and i make comics in Dayton, Ohio.
My email address is
You can find more from me at

I currently, write, pencil, ink, color, letter and print my own comics. Here is a sample of my latest–

Thanks for your time!


Im Eulogio Gibas and Im from the Philippines.

My Email is and my contact number is 0917 820 2982

Here are the links to some of my artworks:

Thank You for this opportunity.


Been making comics for about seven years now, but at small press/self published level. I’m looking to make the leap, and this is an excellent opportunity! My portfolio is online at, but here’s my three pages of sequentials:


Hello Mr. Millar! My name is Alex Kmeto. I’ve been drawing comics for years and have recently self-published my first creator owned comic. I am, however, still looking for my big break. Here is a three page excerpt from my comic, “Raiva”. Please stop by my website for more examples of my work. Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to the prospect of working with you!



My name is Pablo Peppino and I’m based artist in Spain.


Jordan Kroeger


Norby Ela from Manila
Norby Ela Art Facebook page

Here are three pages that me and a fellow millarworld forum member are working on:



My name is Jim Lavery, I’ve been chugging away in small press for a few years now without a break into ‘the big league’ so I’ve got everything crossed here.

I’m having an issue with the submission document, it’s downloading blank, anyone else having a problem?

You can find me on Twitter: @jimlavery1 or my Blog:


Hello, my name is Jordi, I am based in Spain.



I call Marcelo Salaza.
I am comic artist.
I recently did the comic: trancers.
to actionlabscomics.
Here are some examples of my pages.
marcelo salaza
my links arts:
Jennifer blood test:
pg 1:

pg 2:

pg 3:


Hello my name is Selçuk Ören. I am based in İstanbul, Turkey.


My portfolio;

Thanks for the opportunity and best luck to all!


My name is JD Santibáñez