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Millarworld Annual 2016 - July solicits just went up!


Okay, this is really cool. As you all know, we did a MASSIVE international talent search for new writers and artists in the last three months of last year and announced them the day before my birthday on December 23rd. The idea was to fine creators who had never been published before and pay them Marvel and DC starter rates for their first taste of print.

The results were SPECTACULAR.

Seriously, we were so impressed at the people we found and hired thirteen new pros to write and draw some of the biggest Millarworld characters. The experiment is going to be repeated this Autumn with a December 23rd announcement, but first the 2016 annual is going on sale this coming July. Here’s all the details…

There’s three good reasons to buy this…

1/ You’re helping new talent
2/ It stars all your favourite characters fromKick-Ass to Chrononauts
3/ The material is bloody good.

Check out CBR and over the next few days for further detaiuls. Rachael is taking charge of all this and she’s going to be interviewed a lot over the coming months until the release. Tune in this September for details of the next one.



Can’t give enough thanks for letting us be a part of your worlds. An incredible experience and a great privilege!



Come on! You can’t beat this deal with a stick!



AWESOME!!! a great inititative come true!


Consider it bought!


It’s a brilliant idea and I will certainly be buying a copy.

Looking forward in particular to reading what Deniz has come up with.


Too kind, Chris! Thank you! (I think you’ll dig it!)


As one of the group that whittled down the shortlist for Mark to judge I have read the scripts and seen the artists (well we all saw the artists as the thread was public), there was some really strong stuff in there and depending on the character there were some very close calls, we could have published 3 or 4 in some.

I’m excited to see it all illustrated and complete.

For the guys and girls attempting this year I think all of us judging had the same feedback, there were a lot of similar stories repeated, so if you want to enter, really think of that unique twist that still retains the spirit of the original work.