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Millarworld and FOOTBALL!!????


Heya guys
So I know some of you and can be seen popping up here when ever I can. (Not nearly as much as I should though)
Anyway I just got one of my first really big gig as an artist. I did the cover for the Celtic match program for tonight’s big game against Zenit. Below are some of the images and the final pic.
The reason for the heading is that I actually got a two page interview in the program. (even has a cheesy picture of me drinking coffee. haha)
But in the interview I made sure to mention this very forum. It,s a great place and brilliant community. And as the program should be getting read by over 20 000 people tonight, I wanted to tell any future artists or writers who are looking for a way into the community to start here.
Hopefully should bring in some new faces to this cool place.

Best Chris


Here are the sketches I sent to the editor. The brief was simply to do a comic cover. I tried a few diffrent things. From the standard hero covers and a few fighting ones. (the fighting covers just looked like a boxing match promo so I didn’t take them past my sketchbook.)
The one used was inspired by the classic Flash of two worlds cover. It was always my favourite version so i was delighted the editor agreed.


Great job, and good hustle on getting the job! You must be really chuffed!


Well done mate, you must have brought some good luck tonight as well…


Excellent! And really good to see you come by the old parade grounds!


They’ll be asking you do to more :smile:


Nice one Chris!
Hope the wedding plans are going well mate!


Love the traffic cone! Great work.


Nice cover, shame about the result though- I’m a huge Rangers fan! :sunglasses:


Thanks, Yeah was great fun to do. Thankfully I had a really tight deadline so didnt have time to over think or panic about it haha.


Thanks, Yeah I saw that. Much better performance than I was expecting. Theres a slight chance I could do more if Celtic go through. Iv never been so invested in football in my life. haha


Thanks, Yeah if I ever want to see what is happening or get thought and opinions on something this is always my first stop online. Brilliant community


fingers crossed. Would love to do more. And it seems to be getting good feedback from the fans. So who knows.


Cheers Mark. Yeah wedding planning is all the boring little nick knack stuff I have no idea about. Sometimes I could swear she is making up words. lol


Thanks. I HAD to draw that. I could write an essay about how that statue is the perfect representation of Glasgow.


Here are some of the chaaracter sketchs I did when I was still toying about with the idea of a superhero version of each team.
I cant tell you how much fun it was to try and come up with an american styled superhero version of the celtic strip.


And here is the Zenit teams superheros. They are a Russian team so was thinking of something that might belong in a sort of Hellboy universe. Going more for a combination of military superhero aesthetic.