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Millarworld AMA Diary


Thought it might be useful to have a thread with details of the upcoming Wednesday AMAs so that people know who we can expect next!

September 2 - Wilfredo Torres
September 9 - Kieron Gillen
September 16 - Dave Johnson
September 23 - Colleen Doran
September 30 - Matteo Scalera

Looking forward to them.

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I’m so jacked about the Rob Liefeld one. Though I’m not sure how it will work out as far as timing. It may be for the best as I would likely dominate that thread. :wink:


Why’s that? Are you a big fan?


I’m a huge fan of Liefeld. Uncanny X-Men #275 was the first comic I ever read but New Mutants #100 was the one that kept me coming back. X-Force and X-Men were the books that got me hooked on comics. If I could have one piece of original art, the last page of New Mutants #100 would be pretty close to if not the top of my list. I’ve met Rob a couple times and still enjoy a lot of his work.


This is better than front row at a ComiCon!


Liefeld gives an amazing interview - the man is a force of nature. 100mph. This should be serious fun. He was a guest on 11 0 Clock comics about a year ago and it’s the best guest/interview I’ve ever heard. Relentless and brilliantly outspoken. These days it’s rare to hear people say what they really think, Rob Liefeld is a total breath of fresh air, no politics, no bullshit. I think I’ll come in live for that one if I remember.

Hope you guys pull no punches and ask him the tasty questions because the likelihood is that you will get straight up answers.


Yes very true, whatever your opinion on Liefeld he shoots from the hip and is very entertaining in interviews.


I’ve updated the first post with the latest schedule.


I’m really looking forward to Jeff Lemire.


Thanks, Dave.



Great line-up for July and August.


That’s some HUGE names there!!! Looking forward to these.


All of them are so great, thank you Mr Millar! and Ms. Blake


Y’know, times for chats could be a wee bit more flexible! Poor Nicola!

Soooo, I’m getting up at 3.50am to do a live Ask Me Anything on MillarWorld.
That’s 2pm NY time, 7pm London time, 11am LA time and 4AM in Sydney!
Join in and do your best to keep me awake!

And noon Mountain Time, when I usually have a mental work-out (Jeopardy! - what were you thinking?)

I’m game for a chat at any kind of weird hour. 1 a.m. Mountain Time is actually quite vacant for decent TV, and, besides, typing is much quieter!


Here is the guest line up for next month’s Wednesday Fan Chats. All chats are at 2pm New York time except when noted. Be sure to buy Jupiter’s Circle #6 next week for your print copy.

September 2 - Wilfredo Torres
September 9 - Kieron Gillen
September 16 - Dave Johnson
September 23 - Colleen Doran
September 30 - Matteo Scalera


Thanks Ronnie! I’ve added them to the first post.


Have to admit there’s a couple names on there I don’t recognise but the AMAs should still be a fascinating read nevertheless.




I’ve got his Drink & Draw book, amazing artist and funny as hell, too. Looking forward to that one!


Mark really does spoil us with these. It’s really amazing to see the people that are willing to come here and do these. I think it speaks to how great the comic creator community at large is and the respect Mark has in the industry. October’s list is pretty great too.