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Millarwold events in June


An exciting month:

Week 1:
Jupiter’s Legacy movie details from the screenwriters.

Week 2:
Empress #3 on sale
Huge Greg Capullo project announced with title, #1 cover and synopsis

Week 3:
Massive, massive Kick-Ass/ Hit-Girl news. Nobody saw THIS coming!
Global treasure hunt to find advance copies of Jupiter’s Legacy 2 in 10 cities

Week 4:
Jupiter’s Legacy sequel launches.
Millar Day in comic stores
Big signing by me at Midtown in New York.
Huge publishing-related announcement you won’t want to miss.

Ooooh, it’s exciting around here.



Well, this makes me happy! The Gubbermint done went and manipulated Time again, dang it, and wouldn’t you know? May had like seven weeks and 39 days in it! Annoying as can be!


Treasure hunt? Clues please!
I order my comics through Midtown, any chance Midtown will put up signed copies on their order site like they did with the last issue of The Boys?


Cool. Really looking forward to week three news.
Kick-Ass was my first taste of your work, albeit the film. I wasn’t expecting much, especially since my old boss, Paul Jones, worked on it, and most of what he works on is not so great. When I read the book, I was not surprised that every good thing in the movie was in the book, but wasn’t expecting it to be even better. I should have known, as this is usually the case. Now one of my favourites.
I haven’t had the pleasure of reading anything with Capullo art yet, so looking forward to that as well, since what I’ve seen of his stuff looks amazing.


Hey, really?? You’re coming to NYC?! I will be there with bells on!!


Will the Midtown signing be followed by a drink-up? Or preceded by a drink-up? I’m flexible either way. :smiley:


I think you should do both and drink during the signing.


The Kick-Ass/Hit Girl news should be any day now…


We were going to announce yesterday, but we forgot this was FOC week for the annual and we don’t want to distract from that so the big announcement pushed back to Monday night. Hollywood Reporter exclusive.

You will be very happy!



The publishing-related newss sounds interesting…sounds like skybound like of news…=^)