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Millar's thoughts on Justice League trailer!


Just in from a a short trip. Just saw it after Jim O reminded me it was out.

It’s alright.

The Flash looks weird with his Micronauts armour, Cyborg is a great TT but I still don’t buy his icon status, Wonder Woman looks good, Batman still looks awfully sad. Aquaman it has to be said looks like he might be the stand-out.

But it’s seriously missing Superman and GL. This is like Avengers without Thor and Captain America. A weird, weird creative choice.

Plus we know no matter how good the trailers look… :slight_smile:

What’s your thoughts?



I like the Flash’s armour.
I mean, he obviously doesn’t need it, but it does give him a sort of “Ferrari”/sports car type look.
And that’s a nickname for this design that I’ve already seen bandied about.

I think Ezra Miller is probably going into this with good foundation, he seems really excited, and Barry is a goofy, nerdy, kinda guy - and everything we’ve seen leans into that.
The meditative palm breathe in he took and the very sorta martial arts stances…good aesthetic choices for his style there.

I think we all know why Superman isn’t there. Which is why I think holding off on showing his involvement is a good move all around. I hope they play it close to the chest as possible.


Five bucks says Cyborg dies.


If I owned Warners stock I would sell it. I don’t see this turning around their fortunes.


It looks to me like this movie is caught in between the Nolan/Goyer/Snyder era of DC movies, and the Geoff Johns era of DC movies. It looks like a transitional film for the franchise, and why they chose their biggest property ever for a transitional film is beyond me.

Justice League is a challenging property to adapt to the screen in general, I think. All of these people who are basically gods, and their personalities don’t quite mesh the way B-level characters do. I can see why they’re doing it without Superman at first—it gives them a mission, and avoids the question, “if they’ve got Superman then why do they need the other guys?”


Makes sense to me.
At least, in terms of tones.

Gives the JL more weight as a force if it is a harbinger.


It’ll do fine, but whether it does more than that?

My issue remains Snyder; his films are brutal and weird. This could use the weirdness but it doesn’t need brutality, even from Batman… well maybe sometimes.

But if he’s lightened up (or been encouraged to) then it could be big.

It’s big problem on opening weekend will be ‘Thor 3’ which is out a couple of weeks earlier. If that has staying power then ‘JL’ risks opening low, and that won’t look good.

And then we’re into the Christmas season and ‘The Last Jedi’ is going to be it’s next problem.


It’s absolutely nuts that they’re making a Justice League movie without Superman on the poster.

GL became a toxic property for Warner, I guess.

It’s missing Martian Manhunter as well :slight_smile:

They treated it as the final part of a trilogy. It’s their Return of the Jedi basically. They even made the Star Wars comparison. Also the tone of BvS wasn’t well received anyway and Johns is trying to course-correct the ship as quickly as he can, even though they already said before BvS came out that this film would be “lighter” in tone from the beginning (for Snyder standards, I imagine).

But seriously, just imagine if Aquaman ends up being the standout of the movie as Mark says. It would be something really crazy considering the reputation of the character in pop culture.


The Flash looks the worst to me.

I really don’t like his armor. It looks like he’s a Tony Stark cosplayer.

His speed effects just look lame. It’s going to be damn hard for anyone to top what Singer did with Quicksilver in the X-Men films


I think the speed effects look great.
It’s just full of energy and I don’t think it’s trying to be Quicksilver, and I don’t think it should be.


Haven’t they shown Superman in the line-up in promo images in magazines like Empire?


Yeah, I mean, it’s no secret that he’s coming back.

But it’s good if they hold off on footage of that.


Historical B-lister Iron Man has been the foundation of the Marvel cinematic universe, I don’t see why Aquaman having a similar impact for DC would be a shocker.


Agreed, I wouldn’t want to see that first in a trailer.


Also, talking about how this is a transition piece - this was initially meant to be Part 1 of 2.
So, there’s still that other half out there.


Because Aquaman has long been deemed lame and useless by pop culture, thanks to Super Friends and Family Guy jokes.


Wait, so they combined it into one film?



I think Snyder is really talented. He just doesn’t suit these kind of movies.

Someone said to me he’d be amazing at a New Gods film and he’s absolutely right. Tonally, he’d be amazing for Mister Miracle or something with all the 4th World characters.

The regular JL cast of icons, however, I think needs a different approach. Marvel-ising the characters isn’t right. They’re not an ensemble cast of misfits, this should feel like the United Nations. Legends coming together.Also, Superman is one of the two most famous characters in human history. Not having him in the line-up is just nuts and I have a terrible feeling he’ll be back as a bad -ass in the third act, probably the beast from the vision in that BVS movie where they have to fight him.




I really like it and am still pretty pumped for this film. Aquaman especially looks pretty great. I’m glad they’ve kept Superman out of this trailer. We all know he’s coming back but I want there to be a bit of a surprise to it. I think it will be to save the day and not as a baddie too with the way they’re framing things.