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How exciting is THIS?

Big, big thanks to the mighty Jim O’Hara and to all the mods, old and new, for getting this up and running. As you’ll have seen from the new front page the site is actually in the beginning of a massive overhaul, the early beginnings of our daily news page up and running and all sorts of good stuff like art preview columns (Wilf on Wednesdays, Murph on Mondays) and so on as well as a weekly review podcast.

There’s a ton of stuff planned for the international markets, which we can talk about over the next few months, and weekly chats starting soon with a host of creators, actors and film-makers. But we’re just getting this up, feeling out way around and tweaking as we go along for now. The forums in particular have seen the biggest overhaul, but even this isn’t quite finished yet. What do you think? I’m loving the new reddit style endless page thing, which works especially well on the iPad.

PS Big week ahead. Some mega-pimping coming between now and Wednesday’s launch of Chrononauts #1 plus the first serious push for Jupiter’s Circle #1. This is less than a month away now and, for me, the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s the sister title for Jupiter’s Legacy and I think might actually be the better book. Keep checking all week for the beginning of the previews.



Thanks for continuing to give us this place, and thanks to everyone who worked to make the relaunch happen.


Jim and crew have done a great job. I love the new site. Can’t wait for Chrononauts #1 next week and the impending Jupiter’s Circle #1.


Yeah, thanks for keeping the place and giving it an overhaul, Mark. Hope it’ll live up to its potential and become a buzzing beehive of conversation about your work and everything else comics and popculture.


Yes. Looking forward to Jupiter Circle. Somehow, I feel that the wait for Millar’s comics seem to be slow when compared to others. :kissing_heart:


Looking forward to everything!


Mark has admitted he’s not the fastest writer, some like Charles Soule can do 7 books a month and he tends to average 18 a year (or 1 and a half a month). One thing though is that often the art has held books up and now he’s stockpiling the artwork on Millarworld books to guarantee a monthly schedule.

We get some sneak previews as moderators and I can say that’s definitely the case as we got to read the completed (inked and lettered) first issues of Jupiter’s Circle and Chrononauts 6 months or so back.


This new forum looks so good!!! excellent interface! have a nice day sir!!


Welcome home, Chief! Yep, the crew sure did do a good job in a big hurry!

Have you thankfully abandoned thread titles in all caps? Good! How about starting with MM: - then we know it’s you and you don’t gotta yell!

Hope you’re enjoying the new tech!


As a more infrequent visitor, I like the caps. It made it more likely it would catch my eye. I know the new system has “new posts” or some such but I would like to just have to scan the titles and not the names too…tired old eyes😄