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Millar's first-ever Netflix interview just went live!!!!


Hey peeps!

On the eve of our first project announcement, here’s my very first industry interview since the Netflix sale in August. This is…

1/ Because I’m lazy.
2/ Because I wanted to wait until my feet under the table and had something to talk about.





Lazy is just not a word I’d associate with you.


Great interview, Chief. I can’t wait to see more. I’m excited that you now have the Netflix engine behind you.


Let me get this right. Born in western Scotland, struggled for years for somebody to read your stuff. Finally very happy. Begin getting truly creative. Do astonishing stuff, but whilst doing astonishing stuff get the creeping concrete of the chains of work-for-hire, which begin to chafe. In a tremendously ballsy move take off, start own company, make life changes, have kids, make a couple of top-notch movies and the necessary flop, and essentially build a mini-Empire about a bunch of ideas. Then you go dark, don’t chat with the fanboys, and all of a sudden sell your company. Now you are doing work-for-hire with wife as CEO.

You may be The World’s Most Dangerous Employee.

Congrats, Mark & Lucy! Send swag.


Can’t wait for the new comic news this weekend!


Explains pretty well what’s going to be happening.