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Millar's Empress interview on Newsarama - "I'm bored with darkness"


Millar and Immonen. Sci-fi. Lots of cool stuff blowing up. What else could you want?

We go on sale this coming Wednesday and the scarf comes off the leading lady at midnight on Wednesday LA time.


Here’s a preview in the meantime for your new favourite book. I cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks!!!



I hope this does gangbusters on Wednesday. I think people are going to be blown away. I also think the Capullo book will make an interesting companion.


I could happily wallpaper a room with those covers too. Can’t wait to read.

Ronnie’s being a tease with his insider info again.


I know the Skottie Young issue is a retailer exclusive, but did the other super secret artist on cover #1 ever happen, or has it been moved to a different issue? I’ve seen every cover so far, and hadn’t heard of it again.


Lucky, lucky Millar! I actually have cash set aside for this!

So much for that “eating” thing.


Awesome, my call: Anne Hathaway :grin:


“I’m bored of darkness”

Big interview with me on Newsarama:



Great interview.