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Millar talks to Kirsty Wark at Borders Book Festival June 16th!


Come along and join me for an hour’s talk with Kirsty on-stage and to see a special screening of the first Kick-Ass movie in a vintage cinema afterwards where I’ll be providing an introduction…


I’ve never seen Kick-Ass on the big screen, that looks like a great time! A bit of a cummute for me unfortunately. :wink:


Already checking out local pubs online!


I see the words “Borders Book Festival” and miss Borders all over again. Clearly referring to something else, alas.


Hahaha. I thought the same thing at first.


Bloody Americans. :smile:

There are borders all over the globe (and Borders books still exist in Singapore and Malaysia).


It was the capitalization. It’s also an industry both @YoungDuke and I worked in making our first association the brand. So it’s likely little to do with our nationality. :wink:


In Scotland many towns and villages close to England are known collectively as the Borders region. They have been known that way for several centuries before someone set up a book selling chain. All capitalised. :wink:


That’s interesting. I knew Borders continues elsewhere. Even though it was run terribly by the end, I still miss working at a bookstore.


It was my first thought too - the combination of Borders with books definitely has that connotation for me.


Now with added Quitely!


The place to meet a living legend!
And the best possible way ever to watch kick-Ass next to Mr Millar