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Millar talks Civil War to Vox - The Big Interview!


Some interesting stuff in here about the origins of the comic and this summer’s big movie:



That’s a great article. It’s amazing that your story from 10 years ago formed the spine of the Marvel print and movie universes.


I enjoyed the article. Civil War is still relevant and that’s amazing.


Does a person accept personal responsibility for their actions, or do they accept a code of conduct? What forms who? It is not a chicken-or-egg question of which came first, for that simply does not matter. It is a matter of what one finds best at the time given the circumstance(s).

Still valid!


Personal responsibility and a code of conduct aren’t mutually exclusive though.
But I get what you’re saying. And Iron Man was the right one.


I think that’s fair. In a rational, grown up review of the facts, it makes sense. What I think hurt his argument was how the policy was applied and some pretty reprehensible things done along the way.


It also didn’t help that there were inconsistencies in his depiction in tie-in stories that muddied the water somewhat.


Great article.

I’m not so sure the quote below rings true when we have a reality star running for President. :wink:

There are a few elements of that original story that certainly fail the test of time, like how big of a role reality television plays in the plot.

I think the real question boils down between freedom vs. security. I’ll side with Cap. :wink:


…is always the right answer :slight_smile:


…unless the question is “Excuse me Sir. Could you please give me directions to the bus station?” :wink: