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Made a six hour trip to meet my pals for lunch yesterday. Was worth it.

Here’s photo ID. Sanjay, my chum whom you know from these very boards, is taking the photo, which is why he’s not in it.

Doesn’t Johnny give the whole thing a Goodfellas vibe?


Millar Time! Looks so very pleasant. Wish I’d known, have been meaning to make positive comments about the cool cover Bill did. (One definition of a Hard-Core Comics Fan: #14: Can spell “Sienkiewicz” without help.)


Very cool!


Whatever fountain of youth Stan Lee discovered in the Marvel offices, he shared with JRJr. I was reading his comics when I was 10 and he somehow looks younger now than I do.


A roundtable with the Gods of Comics - Janson, Romita Jr, Sienkiewicz, Mack, Millar …Shah ;-D (it’s why I stayed out of every photo, I was not worthy).

That was a absolute blast - having been lucky to have met most of them before, I could listen to the stories all day, especially JrJr’s (working for Marvel in the 80s sounded awesome).

re: Millar at his best - that was an expert lesson in pitching a story - everyone around the table was buzzing about what you have planned. We found MW board members Keith Chan and Jonny, the poor chaps sat down, realized the company they were in and didn’t move the way in which squirrels don’t when they spot humans! (great to see you chaps too!)

I wish Ben Wheatley hung out at the table for longer, I really dig his work.


Haven’t met Sienkwicz or Janson but the other 3 are seriously some of the nicest guys I’ve met.


ive always loved Keith’s art. Maybe he could get someone at the table to get him an in somewhere.


That’s a pretty accurate description of how I felt, Sanj! It was so surreal; we popped in for a quick pint away from the con, and I ended up sat next to Bill Sienkiewicz (having just bought this issue 10 minutes earlier)…

Thanks for the hospitality and the pint, Mark (I owe you one!).


Great to see y’all!

I just saw pics of Dave Gibbons at the bar later that night and had no idea he was around. I just nipped in for lunch with the guys, but definitely want to make sure I get to this next time.